Can I Increase water pressure to my lawn sprinkler?

I bought a new house with a huge yard, we are currently in the middle of a drought. I can only run one hose at a time b/c there is not even enough pressure to make the sprinkler rotate itself?

Is there a cheap way I can do it myself?

Thanks in advance.

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    The only thing you can try is going to Home Depot and purchase a inline booster pump to add to your hose. It should give you some benefit, up to the capacity of the city water system to supply water.

    You can also change your watering time, use an automatic timer and set up the sprinklers ahead of time to water during the night when usage is low.

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    Depends on your water source.

    f you are on city water your pressure will depend on the general quality of the pipes between you and the water tower. Older houses in older developments can have pipes that are corroded and this can lower pressure. It also depends on the elevation difference between your house and the local water tower. If you have low water pressure in your shower also, one of these if probably the case. All of these are difficult to remedy, a plumber might be able to help with pipe corrosion

    If you have a well you can service your pump or install a more powerful pump.

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    Black or gray field lower than your water rigidity guage once you've this setup. A screw on the bottom of the field desires to be bumped off. get rid of conceal and heavily regulate settings with rubber or plastic manage screwdriver, gloves, and being particular to stay with the manufactor instructions as your rigidity tank ought to positioned on out speedier with larger settings. Wishing You the superb!

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    not sure though

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