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How can I sell my fiction?

Ive written a few short stories but dont know where to start. I think they are good enough to sell. Ive been writing good stories since i was five years old. How do i get editors and agents and who do I contact to sell my work?


I live in the UK by the way

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    Get a copy of Writer's Digest. Read who is buying and how they want stories submitted. Follow the instructions perfectly.

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    I'd recommend picking up a copy of the Novel & Short Story Writer's Market (The 2007 edition comes out in August if you want to wait that long, but previous editions are good too. I have the 2005 version)

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    There are a few magazines that publish short fiction, like Analog for science fiction. Check your local library or bookstore for a book called Writer's Market that lists publishers and their needs.

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    I'd say write a few to showcase on your own personal story site or submit some to a story site. The publishers might come knocking for you I heard.

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    Enter : writer's digest on the search the web option. You'll get tons of info on where to start and who to send to.

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