Parents what is the best embarrassing thing you did to Ur kids?


parents do alot to there kids.. i want to know the best thing you have done... my mom took me to a store once and made me put on bras over my shirt to see if they would fit! i was about to die.. that was many years ago but i think she scared me for

Update 2:

.Nick names.. i am 25 and my mother still calls me DOLLY... she sang songs to me about all the dollies going to sleep at night in dolly wally land..

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    My mom did that to me too UGH at those memories - lol

    I made my son change from his swim clothes outside in our backyard (he is 6) but he was soaked and muddy. No one could see we have a fenced in yard - but he acted like EVERYONE everywhere could see him!

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    The most embarrassing thing... That is a hard one. I am an intelligent woman so I tend to use creative punishment quite a bit... I guess my most effective embarrassing punishment was with my now 18 year old in college. She was 14 and thought she had it all together. She tried to leave the house in clothes that should have been labeled as underwear. I made her change and she cracked back with,"I can just change later at school. You can't follow me around all day and be sure I am doing everything all perfect"

    The challenge had been laid down. What is a mother to do? She knew I had to go to work, what she didn't count on is the lengths I would go to.

    I allowed her to go to school, after changing.

    She was left thinking mama's going to work...

    Nope, wrong answer. I got my holiest pair of flannel jammies out, my ugliest robe, and my fuzzy pink slippers... I muddied my face with beauty cream, and put my just finished hair back in curlers. I packed a thermos of hot chocolate and coffee mixed, and an outfit that was inoffensive to me for my darling little girl. Beki... and went back to the 8th grade for an ENTIRE day. After Beki changed, again, we had a wonderful day together at her school.

    The teachers were very helpful, agreeable and loved what I was doing.

    My Beki has dressed discreetly and appropriately ever since. She is going on to college with a great GPA, so I did no permanent harm.

    This is one of many things I did to publically embarrass my kids into acting right. The books say don't beat them, I agree, this is so much more fun!

    Her nickname is Duckie... some of her friends still try to call her that

    so hot I steam should be arrested for pedophilia

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    My kids changed from the stage of liking hugs and kisses when we I dropped them off at school to not wanting to be seen hugging me goodbye. To embarrass them i used to lean over (in the car) to pretend to hug them, when their best friends were close by. It freaked them out. Good Luck

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    my sons nickname was bubba and i called him that in front of his friends

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    seduced their best friend

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