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can i use straightening iron after applyin mousse?

Mousse>> Garnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Mousse. Plz give me some hair style tips and also website addresses of some hair styles.

P.s. I've got waist-length hair and round face.

Thanks alotttttt!

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    I would use an actually straightening gell. For the most part straighening your hair just takes patience. Which I have none of.

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    Yes that's fine. In fact, it's the only way I can get my hair to hold the straightening. Just remember that you need to condition your hair as often as you use the straightening iron otherwise, your hair will end up fried, frizzy and ruined by product.

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    yes u can use ans straiting iron it will make your hair really straight oh and only blowdry ur hair once every month it dries it out

    and did u no that washing ur hair every day is not bad for it if u have frizzy hair add hairspray when it is wet

    cutting the ends of ur hair regulary will prevent split ends

    you should choose ur shampoo and conditioner on the basis of ur hair type

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    yeah, just don't let the iron sit on your hair too long - it'll fry the mousse.

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    u would have to make sure you hair is bone dry first! It will give your hair volume!

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    Yes you can ! but why straighten your lovely curly hair ?

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    if you use it then blowdry your hair dry then you can straighten it.

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    yeahh just blow dry it first. =]

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