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Ok, so there's this guy...male or female advice welcome!?

So if this guy (he is not gay) and this girl (me) are working on a show together and he does the following, what is he getting at?

-calls the guy the girl likes a "dud" (that guy is NOT there - they are NOT friends) and asks the girl's opinion on who is better looking

-says "they are other guys guys" (meaning...him?)

-lies on top of the girl whle she's reading lying on her back

-goes around showing affection (hugs and stuff - no lying on top of) to other girls and checks to see if she is watching (sometimes she is, other times nope)

-and is completely taking over her mind!!! (Help!?! I don't get him!)

-oh yeah, he could have any girl...ANY girl...(EXPLAIN HIS BEHAVIOR?!?!)


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    Why don't u just ask him if he likes u like that and get it over with??Sounds like he's trying to see if you would be jealous(like if u like him at all)So if u like him...ask him out already!!!!Or at least give him the signals back if u like him....but if what u say is true(that he could have any girl he wants)then it sounds like he's into U!!!!Go for it girl!!!!

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    He sounds like a flirting, flaming, narcissistic gay guy to me. Don't do a thing. Ask him to limit his physical behavior (no more laying on top of you) and have a heart to heart talk with him about his intentions.

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    he is a queer if he can have any girl why doesn't he have one? Most guys in drama are fags any ways. He is just looking for attention. You need to stop worrying about him and find a real man, someone who knows what he wants and isn't prancing around like a queer!

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    I think he's a garden variety dog. Stop looking at the wrapper and examine the contents. Or be miserable,

    your choice.

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    he's a flirt..sounds like he likes you but also likes women in general. Could be dangerous to fall for !! Treat lightly!

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    keep a distance start making it a bit casual dont let him takeover ur mind.......................he is chking how much dependent ur on him...........ur jealous or not .............. maybe making u insecure tht he can have anygirl he likes.......eventually if he doesnt change dump him and get out as fast as possible......thts my personal advice gud luck god bless

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    Ask him where he's coming from. He won't change unless you address his behavior.

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    just continue till it ends to bed

  • 1 decade ago

    He's an egomaniacal exhibitionist and unless you like drama(((((run away)))))

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    the girl should ignore him. he seems to what to get that girl angry and then get with her.

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