Does Anyone Know Where to find Free House Plans (Blueprints)?

I am building my own house, and need a blueprint. They are so expensive, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get anything online for free?

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    Sure...I have some samples. Would be glad to help. Now, how about you feed my family, pay our bills, and also mortgage for a month. Who works for free???

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    I don't think you can get them anywhere for free. But I draw houseplans and where I work if you buy the house from our company and we build it you get half of what you paid for your blueprints back. Just call around places and get a quote. You will need to know the estimated square footage that you want though. They usually price the blueprints on how much square footage there is. Good luck!!

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    You can't. Who would give away plans for free when they spend hours designing and drawing. If you can find someone to give them to you for free, I would be worried.

    There are many laws governing house plans in different states so you will have to check to see if you need an architect's seal or not. For example, here in Michigan if the home is under 3500 habitable sq. ft. you do not need a seal. In Texas it is something ridiculous like 10,000 st. ft. You can get plan examples (maybe a floor plan and an elevation) from many home plan books and magazines. But you will have to go to a builder or custom home designer or an architect for a full set of drawings. Our company is charging anywhere from $2-$5 per quare foot for design and for building we are averaging around $150 per sq. ft. Of course, your location and needs will affect prices. Sometimes designers will allow you to buy a set of predrawn plans from their stock for your use. Prices can vary dramatically. You will have to do a little research in your area.

    Links to help you find help:

    My company is Sometimes we sell our plans to out of state customers but we are a custom home design firm so if you are Michigan we try and only use your plans once so it is one of a kind here.

    Source(s): I design custom homes.
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    I don't know, you can try I think I saw some blue prints there once!

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    5 years ago

    the lowes project center has a decent one that could be easily adapted.

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    home builder

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