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can you tell me how software company recurit people, how do they conduct test and interview?

i want to on which basis they select people to software companies like Infosys, TCS, wipro and other company. how do they select people in each rounds such as test, tech interview and HR intervies. because those who say i did well some times got rejected and people go said i have not done well have selected.

upon which criteria people are selected from aptitude tests.

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    I will try and tell you about companies like TCS and Infy (this is for fresher hiring... Lateral hiring is a little different)

    TCS has something called a Psychometric test which basically tries to find out certain personality traits... Like whether you are a team player, your leadership skills, your behaviour under pressure... This is mostly a profiling test... This is not an elimination round... you have to be insane or have suicidal tendencies to not get through this...

    This is followed by an aptitude test... which typically has CAT type questions... Maths, Data Interpretation, Reading comprehension etc... This is an elimination round. You dont get interviewed if you dont clear the cut-off.

    This is followed by two interviews... Technical and Personal... TCS tech interview is not known to be too grilling since they make all freshers go through a 1.5-2 mnth trng program in thr center in Trivandrum... they train you enough on what they want you to know. Through selection they just want to ensure that you have the basic minimum to pick up concepts. Most people go through both interviews unless you are outrightly rejected in the tech round. Infy typically has a similar approach... but they give you puzzles to solve in their interviews... Its a little more rigorous then TCS...

    This is what they typically do when they recruit from Engg college campuses. Walk-ins have a similar process but the technical interview would get more rigorous.

    If you want to focus on something focus on the tech interview part (specially if you are going for a walk-in)... HR is just a formality once the technical interview has gone well. For Infy try cracking a few puzzles before you go for the interview.

    For the HR round... Smile a lot and show how friendly you are and that you can sing when required (give a demo also)... and say yes to any qsn on relocation (this qsn usually signals that you have been selected)... That is more than enough for them...

    Dont go by what people think of how their interview went... What is important is what the interviewer thinks... And most of the times people faff.

    All the best!!!

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    The company I work for submitted the drug test pretty early on in the interview process. Although I wouldn't recommend it, a friend of mine, who interviewed as well, smokes pot quite frequently, and it didn't show. He was told that although they say it's a alcohol/drug screening they mainly screen for more serious drugs: coke, meth, etc. Drinking a few beers is fine, but to play it safe, I would back off the mary j until after you start this job.

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    You have to apply for a job and send them a CV

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