Why does everyone think W is a big oil man while ted kennedy has more invested in oil than anyone in Texas !?

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    Got that fact on FOX NEWS did you?

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    1 decade ago

    What's your point?

    If you're responding to accusations that Bush is in the pocket of "big oil" by claiming that Kennedy has the same problem, you're going to have a heck of the time reconciling that response with the fact that Kennedy consistently attacks large oil profits. For the most obvious recent example, Ted Kennedy pushed hard for new windfall profits taxes on oil companies.

    I strongly suspect that you read this or heard this on some right-wing site, and obediently ran to your computer to post it. You should have put some thought into it beforehand. This blind repetition of right-wing propaganda is harmful to the United States.

    Here's a hint: don't repeat anything you've heard about Ted Kennedy until you've read up on the issue and formed an informed opinion of your own. Kennedy is a favorite whipping-boy of the right-wing propagandists, so if someone says something out of the blue about him, there's a good chance it's just propaganda.

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    What in the world does that have to do with the price of cucumbers in Iowa ??

    Ted Kennedy is trying very hard to get a wind fall tax bill against the oil companies passed. He is doing and supports everything that is done to get the price of oil and gas down. Oil is only a small part of the Kennedy wealth. And........., DWI Bush did not make what little wealth he has with his brain. He did it with the power of his fathers family and now the power of the Presidency.

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    Ted Kennedy family has had money for along time. He does not deny this, nor does anyone in his family. He is not the Pres. He is not from a state that was built on oil. And he has nothing to do with what is happening in Iraq. The reason that GWB gets talked about ( in relation to oil) is because he invaded a sovereign country for nothing but the oil. Sorry apples and oranges!!!

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    A couple things I know--

    Dubya's current assets are not inherited... at least what he has right now. Yes, he will inherit some when his father dies, but, as we all know, that hasn't happened yet (at least it hadn't when I watched the news last night). What he will inherit from Bush, Sr will be a drop in the bucket, compared to what he's earned on his own.

    Yes, he made his money in oil, but anyone with a brain should know that a person doesn't make that kind of moolah by being dumb... also, I'd be willing to bet that he's not solely in oil- "Diversify!"

    I'd rather have "new-money" than old in the White House any day! Means he (whoever "he" may be) earned it himself, it didn't just fall into his lap (The name "Pairs Hilton" comes to mind.)

    Second- Kennedy may be a liberal dink, but at least he knew where to go for marital adivce- a happily married man. This happily married man, also a senator (I think it was Orin Hatch-R of UT), told him to quit drinking and quit sleeping around, for starters... Seems to be working, from what I hear.

    Source(s): Disclaimer- No, I haven't done my homework on who has how much invested in oil... in TX or anywhere else...
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    It is true that we need to get off oil but this is no different then people who smoke. Most people will not quite until they have lung cancer and so it is the same with oil. We need to realize that our economy is partly run by this oil company Exxon for one. They have all the money so who do you think calls the shots. Who give the most come election time. We will not give up oil until it is all gone. Anyone who gets in the way of this machine will not be on this planet very long. Just my opinion

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    Robert Rowling of Dallas, Texas currently has the most invested in oil of anyone in Texas -- 4.8 Billion dollars. Even the Kennedy's all together don't have that kind of money so I'd say you're full of crap.

    For further reference there is also the Bass family of Fort Worth, Texas. Between the five of them they have 9.4 Billion dollars invested in oil.

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    1 decade ago

    And Ted Kennedy killed a young woman back in Chappiquidick. Got away with it too. Let's talk about that.

  • 4 years ago

    Im no longer so specific all and sundry is so huge on Bush. he's doubtless considered one of the rarest human beings on earth.. He gained the golden prize in politics via being elected president of the US for 2 words.. so a methods as him being an oilman?? He failed miserably at that.

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    Because the media spins it that way. Remember, the media hates Bush.

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    If I could give you 10 points, I would.

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