there is a GUY hu told oThers THAt I like HIM..?

why GUYS think that when a girl askes(like= are they ok) about them MEANS that she is Loving them... EVEN though the truth IS not...

and when they believe that that girl likes them they simply act sexual... whenever she is around ..?? please ANSWER this question::::!!! I need heLP!this is happening to me just right now!:!!

the story was in the msn with his friend... we are neighbors and for that reason I need his msn like others that I have so.. my friend told me that his msn is.... then I added him but it was wrong so I asked his friend if the msn of omar is .... he saiD he doesnt know .. the prob. was omar was with him.. so he thought I wanna talk to him in msn.

the next his friend was online ... he told me that omar is with him then I answered SO WHAT WITH ME I dont care... from that time OMAr's eyes say that like( I know u like me) and he tries to be around me with his friends.. when he was entering his home .. he removed his shirt like LOOK AT Me!! please answer !!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    alright, this kid is an uuber (sp? lol) loser and you should simply embarres the hell out of him in front of everyone. Simply make him look like a dumbass by telling him in front of all of his friends that you never liked him lol and that he needs to grow a d*ck or somethin. I'm sure u'll think of somethin good. Good Luck!

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