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Have you ever been Pro-life and become Pro-choice, or vice versa?

if so what changed you mind, why did you change your opinion?

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    I'm a liberal who is Pro- Life.

    Pro-Choice sounded good until I realized that a person still makes a choice when they chose life.

    I guess it's part of getting older, but I find the culture of death in America is scary.

    If I don't speak up maybe I'll be the next one that will be considered not worthy to live because I'm not valued by someone.

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    I used to be pro-Choice, about ten years ago when I was a liberal. But since then I've done some thinking and so stopped being a liberal. Now I oppose abortion-on-demand for White women. I'd like to see abortion used as a eugenic means of improving my race. Other races can keep on having elective abortions if they want to; I don't care about them.

    I didn't become pro-Life because their "morals" are usually about what "other people" should do or not do. When it comes to putting themselves to the test, a pro-Lifer often suddenly wants an exception made.

    The pro-Lifers are right about one thing, though. Abortion is the killing of babies. Where I differ with them is on the right to live. Only those who can contribute to the world at least what they cost have any right to live.

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    I am pro-abortion, always have been. I feel that if a woman cannot take care of the child on her own with no help from the government or the father she should be forced to have an abortion. I also think the father should have a say in whether or not the baby is born. MISTAKES happen, and the man usually ends up paying for it!

    (yes, I am a woman)

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    Read: Aborting America, Bernard Nathanson.

    He supervised over 80,000 abortions in NYC and then became a speaker for the pro-life movement.

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    i was pro-life until i was 16 and found out that i was pregnant it took a lot of thought from both me and my boyfriend (who is now my husband) but we decided that it was best for both of us if i had an abortion and now that i have been in a situation where i had to choose i know what it is like and i know that it is not my place to judge people sometimes it is the best option that is out there for some people so now i am pro-choice

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    Always have been Pro Choice and no I am not a Liberal.

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