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what was the best battleship of world war 2?

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    The third USS Missouri (BB-63) ("Mighty Mo" or "Big Mo") is a U.S. Navy battleship, notable as the final battleship to be built by the United States, the second-to-last in the world after HMS Vanguard, and the site of the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II.

    She was one of the Iowa-class "fast battleship" designs planned in 1938 by the Preliminary Design Branch at the Bureau of Construction and Repair. Missouri was ordered on 12 June 1940 and her keel was laid at the New York Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York on 6 January 1941. She was launched on 29 January 1944 and commissioned on 11 June. The ship was the fourth of the Iowa class and the final battleship commissioned by the Navy. The ship was christened at her launching by Mary Margaret Truman, daughter of Harry S. Truman, then a senator from Missouri.

    During World War II, Missouri saw action at the Battle of Iwo Jima and the Battle of Okinawa, and shelled the Japanese home islands of Hokkaido and Honshū. In the 1950s, Missouri fought in the Korean War and was decommissioned into the United States Navy reserve fleets. She was recommissioned in the 1980s, and refitted with modern armaments. In 1991, she participated in the Gulf War.

    Missouri was decommissioned a final time on 31 March 1992, having received a total of eleven battle stars, and is presently a museum ship at Pearl Harbor.

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    The Bismarck was the mightyest battleship ever built. It took the British and American Navy both to charge around the North Sea using several ships of their own to sink her.

    Source(s): War Historian.Served USAF
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    You've got to mention the Yamoto, the Japanese battleship.

    She was the meanest, biggest (65,000 tons) most armoured and heavily armed ship ever (9x18.1 in guns that could chuck a shell weighing over a ton 25 miles.)

    It took 386 planes, and hits from 8 bombs and 2 torpedos to put her down in her last mission of the war (Operation Ten-go, a suicide mission.

    A glorious folly, but what a monster!

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    Bismarck Yamato

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    USS Arizona

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