How to drive 0-60 in a stick shift?

I drive a BMW 530 (2001) manual transmission. If I am at a stand still and floor it, the car jerks thru 1st and second. How can I maximize the cars performance so that I go from 0 to 60 as quickly as possible?

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  • glen t
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    1 decade ago
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    first thing is to learn the proper use of the throttle and clutch on take off. for most cars people tent to rev too high and dump the clutch. this causes wheel spin which is not always bad but can lose time. the second thing is you have to learn how to shift quickly and smoothly, you can lose a lot with a blown shift. you also need to shift at the right time. you should shift at the max torque for your engine, again many people tend to wait too long and let the engine rev too much. max torque is generally a 1000 rpm below red line but it varies. in short you have to know your car and must learn to drive it smoothly, good drivers can get the most from their rig without beating it to death.

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    well if it jerks then maybe your letting off the cluth to fast or not enough throttle! so to get the best performance I would practice taking off and see where it feels perfect. Also to floor it in the VERY beginning it might still do it so as with BMW's the first maybe 2 seconds push the throttle a little then floor it. this will also help the transmission and engine to last a little longer.

    You could try getting a cold air intake system by Dinan or some other company and this will help your engine breath better.

    other things are Ramus exhaust, ECU chip, and also throttle body.

    Source(s): 1997 BMW 740il, 2004 M5, 2001 X5!!! :)
  • jay
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    1 decade ago

    Best performance is achieved in the higher rpm range. Your car will jerk if you shift into a gear and there is not enough torgue to provide a good transition.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Keep your rev's up before shitfting, when your rev's drop on any car it tends to be a little jerky when you floor it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    go to driving school

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