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They seize terrorist $$ that's laundered 30X/Asia, so why's my 401K$$ still in my CFO's acc't in the Caymans?

I worked for Corning for twenty years. In 2001, they pulled an Enron on a hundred thousand of us. If the U.S. government can seize suspected terrorist funds that have been laundered thirty times from halfway around the world, why can't they get our money back for us? It's in our former CEO's, CFO's, and Board of Directors' private bank accounts in all the usual places. i.e., Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and just south of Florida in Bermuda, the Bahamas, and the Caymans. Nobody's even denying it with any real gusto. It's like, "Screw you. What ya gonna do about it? We're rich and you're not. Now that we got all your money, you can't even afford lawyers." We're loyal Americans who've worked hard all our lives. Does this seem ludicrous to anyone else, or is it one of those things where nobody cares unless it happens to them personally? (Like almost everything else these days.) I lost almost a quarter million and I was one of the lucky ones. Remember, 100,000 of us!

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    I agree. Don't forget the families awarded money for their relatives who died from Libya's attacks. The govt kept that $$$ too! Bastards

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    Hate to say it this way, but they have money, you don't. The news agencies didn't ride it like Enron, so the bulk of Americans don't care. I had (notice the past tense) an uncle who worked for 29 years in the same job for the same company and they pulled up stakes and left him without his pension. He killed himself. taught me a lesson, work for my FN self, then I'm the only one who can be blamed. Sorry for your sorrows. And there are probably many govt. types who had investments in your company an pulled out right before the company vanished. Sorry again!

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    Cause it is those companies that are paying the goverment to look the other way.

    Look at Walmart. They sit there and say yes min. wage should be increased. But there pocket book says another thing.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully you saved some money on your own like in a IRA, savings, CD's the usally personal accounts you set up on your own.

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    I don't know but at least now you can pick the guy above me and not that first creep. I hate it when people just have to be mean. They should simply not answer. RIGHT?

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    I can't even be bothered to read what you wrote to be honest, ask smaller questions for us retards with zero attention span please

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