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Why don't desktop icons work??

I made the mistake of downloading the "incredimail" program and now the icons don't work (except solitare) I deleted incredimail....and they still don't work. What happened?? (I have W-XP)


There is not error report,,,,just does nothing...not even an hourglass.

Update 2:

Hey ian6868...I did what you worked! Thanks a million!....and the rest of ya'll for answers!

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    do a system restore

    click start-help and support-under pick a task 3rd option down

    that should do it

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    Do you get an error when you click the icons, or what? If so, please post.

    Trying checking the porperties of the non-working icons. Do a right-click on the icon and select properties. In the target box, see where the icon is trying to load the program from. I have seen cases where Windows has changed the location of icon targets so that instead of point to "C:\something" they will point to a different drive "g:\something". Just change the icons back to "c:"

    (And yes, the Tweakui icon rebuild will something correct this problem).

  • download tweakui and install it

    and rebuild all icons

    and they will start working


    Islam Inamdar

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