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Why do tester perfumes last longer and smell better than the selling perfumes?

This isn't a mere coincidence, I buy well known brands like FCUK, CK, CD, HB, Lacoste, etcc..

For example i spray the tester on my hand and it smells beautiful, i wash my hands several times and the scent is still there. When I buy the perfume on the shelf the fragrance is very weak and lasts for around half an hour. Why is that?

How can I make the fragrance of my perfumes last longer and smell better?


by the way, i'm a guy.. So, i only purchase ' for men'

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    Check the bottles. The tester may be "parfum" which is the most expensive and most pure form of the fragrance. Most times, however, when purchasing fragrances, we end up buying "eu de toilette" which is diluted. Its cheaper, but doesn't last as long as the "parfum". My advice, buy a "parfum". It costs a little more now, but one squirt will last way longer than ten squirts of the "eu de toilette".

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    Tester Perfumes

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    I don't know. I find that the tester's smell better (or worse) than the perfumes themselves. For instance, the Burberry Brit Red tester smells awful, but the perfume is better. Or the Britney Spears "In Control" tester smells better than the perfume.

    Maybe they enhance it or something to try and sell more. Well, if they left it alone they would probably sell just as much, instead of misleading people....

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    Absolutely right observation..the answer is that the in testers the producers apply more percentage of the pure perfume. Yes,it kind of hook. I have the same problem..Anyway, always for long-lasting smell spray over pure skin, especially on the wrists, add some on your hair too. Best of luck!!

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    Joanvanessa is right... the sample spray at the store is "parfum" strength,much stronger (up to 10 times) than the ones you get ripped off for at the sales desk that don't last as long is "eu da toilet" they are thinned out like paint thinner is used to remove oil based paint from brushes. Make sure you read the bottle BEFORE you buy, and After you buy, check your bag, make sure they did not switch the box on you at the sales desk where u bought it BEFORE you LEAVE the STORE. Technically it's called bait and switch and is illegal in most states in the United States.

    Source(s): Used to sell perfume....didn't do too well as a salesman, but I learned a lot of tricks of the trade of the perfume buisness.
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    That is 'cos when you spray tester on your hand you smell it only when you get your hand close to you nose, where wen you spray it on your neck or closer to your nose after some time brain gets tired of a molecules and starts to ignore it!

    You know when you eat bublegum and it looses its flavor quick, same thing.

    I could go for miles with this answer but this is a short version of it!

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    because they want to trick u into buying that stuff because u think its true that it smells a lot better than u and that u think u r going to smell nice for the whole day.

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    tough question.. i don't have that problem maybe the one thats the tester is brand new when the other they sell you have been thier forever.?

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    The always use the concentrated stuff for demonstrations, the stuff they sell is diluted.

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