should we not decognise the nation state of Pakistan?

This is with referenct to the latest bomb blast in Mumbai. What iraq is to the united states, pakistan is to india.what AlQueida is to the united states,LeT is to India. What Osama bin laden is to the united states, Dawood Ibrahim is to india. Still we dont act.Indian Parliament should unanimously pass a resolution to derecognise the nation state of Pakistan. Future talk should be held not on Kashmir, but on if Pakistan as a state should exist or not. India should close the embassy in Pakistan. But will our politicians show enough courage and resolve to do it. I dont think so. We have spineless politicians.

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    It is found that there was no problem in Kashmir when powerful kings or countries ruled it.

    The Muslims and Hindus co-existed peacefully for centuries. The British tactic of "Divide and rule" was implemented when they left India. They divided India into Pakistan and India. They divided Pakistan also into east and west. East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Divisive tactics enabled England to hold sway on India and Pakistan for a long time. Today both countries find themselves in a deadlock on the issue. They are both looking towards other countries to help them solve their problem.

    After the British withdrew from the Indian subcontinent in 1947, territorial disputes over Kashmir started brewing. When India and Pakistan were partitioned, the ruler of the princely state of Kashmir was given the right to decide on whether to merge with either Pakistan or India or remain independent with certain reservations.

    After a few months of dilemma, Maharaja Hari Singh, the Hindu ruler of a predominantly Muslim state, decided to sign an Instrument of Accession to the Indian Union in October 1947. This enraged the Pakistani leaders. They attacked Jammu & Kashmir as they felt that all areas of India with Muslim majority should be under their control. Pakistani troops overran most of the state and the Maharaja took refuge in India.

    India, wanting to confirm the act of accession and defend its territory, sent troops to Kashmir. But by then Pakistan had captured a considerable chunk of the region. This gave rise to a localized warfare that continued through 1948, with Pakistan retaining control of a large area of the state, but India keeping a larger part.

    India filed a complaint with the UN Security Council, which established the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP). Pakistan was accused of invading the region, and was asked to withdraw its forces from Jammu & Kashmir. The UNCIP also passed a resolution stating: "The question of accession of the state of Jammu & Kashmir to India or Pakistan will be decided through the democratic method of free and impartial plebiscite". However, this could not take place because Pakistan did not comply with the UN resolution and refused to withdraw from the state. The international community failed to play a decisive role in the matter saying that Jammu & Kashmir is a "disputed territory". In 1949, with the intervention of the United Nations, India and Pakistan defined a ceasefire line ("Line of Control") that divided the two countries. This left Kashmir a divided and disturbed territory.

    The solution to the problem will come only when India becomes economically a far stronger country than Pakistan. Today India cannot solve it because she does not have the economic strength to sustain a war nor the attractiveness as a superior power for Kashmiris.

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    I think you are unaware of lot of facts. Let me tell you that I am an Indian, from New Delhi.

    First the root cause is Kashmir, which wanted to go for plebiscite to decide about its future since late forties. Do you know that Jawaharlal Nehru has recognised this demand and India had agreed to it? It is all recorded in UN resolutions of that time. But after realising the ground reality that if plebiscite was held, India would lose more than it gains, our leaders of that time decided to delay and ultimately deny this right of Kashmiris. The reason being the ruler was Hindu whereas population in the valley was predominantely Muslim. Bells ringing?

    It is the pain and anger which is still spilling because of our mistakes at that time.

    Derecognisation would not solve the problem. Instead of spreading hatred please think carefully and do not become a fanatic like most of others.

    I have lot of Pakistani friends as I live in Dubai, believe me I found them more trustworthy than our own countryman.

    You may say that all are not same, and thats the answer to your question.

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    You sound like a war monger. Nation should speak peace unto nation.

    Every time someone says something like you have it increases the tension and racks the pressure for war up. Have you forgotten already the problem with both India and Pakistan and their nuclear weapons?

    If your parliament did what you want it would be flouting international law and provoking war and would find the free world massing on Pakistan's side.

    You need to think this through more carefully.

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    From what I understand it was most likely Kashmiri separatists (not saying they weren't supported by Pakistan, though). There must be a final solution to the Kashmir question. That's the easiest route to ending any future violence and protecting innocent lives.

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    I wish I could "derecognise" lots of things but that won't help. We can always hope that another Ghandi comes along but til then maybe if more people were positive less bombs would go off. Peace and remember "an eye for an eye only ends with the whole world being blind"

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    Pakistan is a rouge nation no doubt but India is not in position of power as America was

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    We the Pakistanis are friends of friends.... We Really dont want to harm anyone... but unfortunately Politics destroyed Pakistan's Reputation. i wish i show you the real image of it. but first listen.. if any nation wheater belongs to any religion attacks us.. then Remember we do have Nukes for them. otherwise we are ally to everyone in the world except to Israel. Its India Playing Blame Game with us, just to show How Much Terrorists we are. F*****ing politics.

  • Kashmir must be won over even by force.Then partition will be undone.

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