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the untripped breaker again?

thanks for previous answers.I checked all the outlets on the circut(starting with the one that caused the problem) and NONE have any power going to them now, but, The breaker.It still shows it has power to it -its a very old house.Logically I would think the problem then lies at the first outlet but everything LOOKS ok-no loose wires etc.Im stumped

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    This takes some technical ability, please don't do it if you have any doubt that you can do so safely.

    The problem could be a loose wire. The electric outlets in a house are wired in a daisy-chain fashion. The cable from the breaker goes to the first outlet. There the cable is opened to expose the individual wires, a black wire (hot), a white wire (neutral), and a bare wire (ground). These wires are all connected to the outlet with short jumpers and to the wires from the cable going to the next outlet. This continues to all outlets on the circuit. The wires should be twisted together with wire nuts. One of the wires may have slipped out of the wire nut.

    The open will be between the last working part and the first non-working outlet. You say the breaker seems to have power. Make sure the wire from the breaker going to the outlets is secure and has power. Go to the outlet. Remove the outlet from the box and make sure all the wires are tight. Put the outlet back, making sure not to let any wires touch together and short out. Go to the next outlet and do the same. Somewhere you should find a loose wire and securing it ought to fix the problem. If not, you need an electrician.

    Again, don't do anything you are uncomfortable about or don't feel safe doing. It's not worth injury or possibly death to save the cost of an electrician.

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    the lines from the breaker to the first outlet has a break or maybe the connection to the breaker is loose (I'm assuming the breaker you are talking about is the one actually connected to the problem circuit or you only have one breaker?)

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    Is there a RFI ciruit along the way or anywhere that needs to be "Reset"? I know it's an old house, but maybe some renovations were done, and one was put in. It would be in the garage, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

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