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..what's the meaning of life?

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    Survival and temporal success

    ...to accumulate wealth and increase social status

    ...to advance natural human evolution, or to contribute to the gene pool of the human race

    ...to advance technological evolution, or to actively develop the future human

    ...to compete or co-operate with others

    ...to destroy others who harm you, or to practice nonviolence and nonresistance

    ...to die having succeeded in your purpose

    ...to gain and exercise power

    ...to leave a legacy, such as a work of art or a book

    ...to live

    ...to produce offspring through sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction

    ...to protect one's family

    ...to pursue a dream, vision, or destiny

    ...to seek freedom, either physically, mentally or financially

    ...to seek happiness and flourish, experience pleasure or celebrate

    ...to survive, including the pursuit of immortality through scientific means (see life extension)

    Wisdom and knowledge

    ...to be without question, or to keep asking questions

    ...to expand one's perception of the world

    ...to explore, to expand beyond our frontiers

    ...to learn from one's own and others' mistakes

    ...to seek truth, knowledge, understanding, or wisdom

    ...to try to discover and understand the meaning of life

    ...to understand creation


    ...to achieve a supernatural connection within the natural context

    ...to achieve enlightenment and inner peace

    ...to achieve rebirth in the Pure Land

    ...to become like God, or God-like

    ...to be rewarded for your deeds

    ...to experience existence from an infinite number of perspectives in order to expand the consciousness of all there is (i.e. God)

    ...to express compassion

    ...to follow the "Golden Rule"

    ...to give and receive love

    ...to live in a way that you don't harm yourself and don't harm your environment

    Religious, spiritual and esoteric

    ...to live in peace with each other, and in harmony with our natural environment (see utopia)

    ...to produce useful structure in the universe over and above consumption (see net creativity)

    ...to protect humanity, or more generally the environment

    ...to reach Heaven in the afterlife

    ...to seek and acquire virtue, to live a virtuous life

    ...to serve others, or do good deeds

    ...to turn fear into joy at a constant rate achieving on literal and metaphorical levels: immortality, enlightenment and atonement

    ...to understand and follow the "Word of God"

    ...to work for justice and democracy

    ...to worship, serve, or achieve union with God


    ...to contribute to collective meaning ("we" or "us") without having individual meaning ("I" or "me")

    ...to die, or become a martyr

    ...to find a purpose, a "reason" for living that hopefully raises the quality of one's experience of life, or even life in general

    ...to live, and enjoy the passage of time

    ...to have fun

    ...to make the conformists' lives miserable (see non-conformism)

    ...to participate in the chain of events which has led from the creation of the universe until its possible end (either freely chosen or determined, this is a subject widely debated amongst philosophers)

    ...to relate, connect, or achieve unity with others

    ...to resolve all problems that one faces, or to ignore them and attempt to fully continue life without them, or to detach oneself from all problems faced (see Buddhism)

    ...to seek and find beauty

    ...to simply live until one dies (there is no universal or celestial purpose)

    ...a combination of any of the above.

    ...as there is no intrinsic meaning to life, to each individual, the "meaning of life" is whatever he/she decides it is. In that sense, every point above is potentially valid.

    ...still some do not even think there is any purpose whatsoever (see nihilism)

    No purpose, and therefore...

    ...just a series of events

    ...just nature taking its course

    ...the wheel of time keeps on turning

    ...the cycle of life

    ...whatever you see you see

    ...smile, and say...


    ...an answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" is that it is simply the ability to ask the question, "What is the meaning of life?"

    ...there is no meaning

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    Life is the characteristic state of organisms. Properties common to terrestrial organisms (plants, animals, fungi, protists and bacteria) are that they are cellular, carbon-and-water-based with complex organization, having a metabolism, a capacity to grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce and—through natural selection—adapt.

    An entity with the above properties is considered life. However, not every definition of life considers all of these properties to be essential. Broader definitions of life sometimes include viruses (which are acellular and do not metabolise) and theoretical non-carbon-based life or other alternative biology. Human-made analogs of life (alife) may also be considered to be life.

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    naw...42 is the ANSWER to life, the universe and Everything. The MEANING of like is enjoy what you have, share what you can, and sleep when you need to. The meaning will then become clear...we are here to help each other get through this !!!!

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    Asking what the meaning of life is implies that life itself is a question or is not defined.



    pl. lives

    The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, and response to stimuli or adaptation to the environment originating from within the organism.

    If you meant to ask, what is the purpose of humanity as a whole being alive, it is to reproduce. If you meant to ask what is your philosophy about your purpose in life, my philosophy is that I am a part of a bigger collective within existence and I seek to make that collective more capable than it already is to do anything it wishes, and bring more understanding to that collective.

    Source(s): Yahoo dictionary, biology, my personal philosophy
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    All life plant and animal exists to reproduce and expand and advance to the limit's of it's capabilities in competition with other species and sub-species. Violence and death are an important part of nature. we must all look out for ourselves and our kind only. We are in competition with other sub-species of humans for the same terrortory and resources. The human species like all species plant or animal is divided into competing sub-species we call races. German sheppards and poodles are both dogs but they are not equal in strength, intelligence, size, or tempernment. The same for chickens and eagles and caucazoids and negroids. Each species and sub-species and in fact each individual has it's own strengths and weaknesses.

    The most destructive ideology is christ insanity since it leads it's followers to suicide. It is a death based anti-nature religion designed & promoted by jews to destroy their enemies. It is leading the White race to racial suicide. The christ insanity bible is loaded with bad advice for non-jews and good advice for jews in the old testament.

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    after dedicating my life to 37 years of research and investigation concerning that question i have come up with that the answer is not 42, but 42.0000008, i hope it will do well to all mankind in the years to come

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    To develop your soul to a higher order so that you will eventually not have to be reincarnated on earth, but can spend your full time helping those who are reincarnated to reach your state. (by the way, you can get a head start on that journey by helping others right now)

    Source(s): Just being a spiritiual pilgrim on the plane (many planes, actually)
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    Yeah, I was beaten to 42.

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