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What is a compiler and how can i run a program on it?

please the processes should be well specified.

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    The first answer is correct, but I'll put it in English. A compiler is a computer program which turns programs written by you from source code into object code, which the computer will understand.

    You run a program on it by acquiring the compiler and writing a program that it understands.

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    Programmers do most of the coding in english style High Level Languages (Like VB, Java etc.) which are not understood by the computer. So, the code should be converted into a form understandable by the computer because this way the computer can perform for which the code has been written. To make computer understand your code, it is converted in "object code" which computer easily understands. A compiler is a program that does this job of converting high level code to "low level" object code.

    Different languages have different compilers. It depends in which language do you program. If you wish to program in C++, then i recommend using "Bloodshed Dev-C++ Compiler". Install and open the editor, write your code, Compile by pressing the F9 key, and you'll see the output.

    If you are new to C++, try writing the following code in the editor and see what it does. Then modify the code to make it perform similar tasks:

    #include <conio.c>

    void main()


    cout<<"Hello World!";



    Source(s): Download the Dev-C++ compiler at:
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    A compiler takes written code (different compilers compile different languages) and "compiles" it to machine code, which can then be executed. You don't "run a program on" a compiler, you compile your code into an executable with a compiler, then run your executable - at this point the compiler is no longer part of the process.

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    They help to translate programs written in high level programming language into low level programming language which is understood by the machine processor.

    A compiler bridges the semantic gap between a PL domain and an execution domain. Two aspects of compilation are:

    Generate code to implement meaning of a source program in the execution domain.

    Provide diagnostics for violations of PL semantics in a source program.

    Task of compiler:

    1.Recognizing Basic Elements

    2.Recognizing Syntactic Units and Interpreting Meaning

    3.Intermediate Form

    4.Storage Allocation

    5.Code Generation

    Seven steps form compilation:

    1.Lexical analysis

    2.Syntax analysis


    4.Machine Independent optimization

    5.Storage assignment

    6.Code generation

    7.Assembly and output

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    A compiler is a program that converts program into machine code.

    For every langauge there should be a compiler, which will understood the program written in that language and translate it into machine understandble format.

    First choose a language, get the compiler and load into your machine,write the program,and compile it and run it.

    all the best.

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    compliler converts programme into mechine language

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