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In your view, which bands are similar to Depeche Mode?

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    Camouflage back in the 80s used to sound a bit like Depeche Mode. It's one of those one-hit wonder bands if i am not mistaken. Their biggest hit was: The great commandment.

    Other than that i cannot think of any other band similar to DM. DM is just brilliance at it's best.

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    This is my favorite band, and for the 25 years of existence of Depeche Mode i haven't met something familiar, because the music they play is Gothic and futuristic. I think their music is phenomenal. They have started from electronic dance music and now play totally different. Listening their albums from first to last you can feel how they change and how music becomes more nurtured. Only one old Russian band which is familiar to them is known as "Technologija", and they split up more than 10 years ago.

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    extra recent bands must be She needs Revenge and the Killers; DM were large impacts on those 2. None of those 80's bands human beings listed fairly seize the sound and sense of their darker songs from the ninety's.

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    I dont think so!!! They are just so different, and so good too!!!!

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