can anyone tall me what is diffrence beetwin normal vorson and beta vorson?

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    1 decade ago
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    Beta Version means the program is still in testing Stage.

    Normal Version means it has already been tested and all bugs are worked out of it

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    Normal version is the final one and proper customer support will be available. Its tested and released as a final product. (But bugs might be there). But beta versions are pre-release. These are released for testing purpose and to get feedback from the users. Bugs would be there. Reported bugs and other such things like modifying user interface to have a better interaction, etc. would be modified accordingly and final software will be released. In most of the cases, beta version will be available for free. If anything happens to your system using the beta version of the software, you can't claim any compensation for such.

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    A normal version is called a release version or full version. A beta version is a pre-release version and could be buggy and incomplete and some parts may not work as intended and also has extra code included sometimes because program not fully debugged. OK? Good luck!

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    Well the Beta version is for testing and the company or the makers are asking you to test and respond to them if you found any bugs.

    once the testing period is over and they receive comments about the product then the release the final version with the bugs/errors fixed in it.

    I think that should answer your question.


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  • ceprn
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    1 decade ago

    Many companies, like Microsoft, release their software in Beta (sometimes Alphs) version as the regular version, then they spend all their time until the next Beta version fixing bugs and security holes.

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    A product that has been fully tested is normally classed as the normal version.

    The latest version of a software product that has not been fully tested and therefore cannot be guaranteed is known as a Beta version. This version will have all of the latest features.

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    yes if your questions relates to software a beta version is a test version of the software so there is a high possibility that there are bugs (errors) in it.a normal version would be a final release so it should be bug and error free ie a stable version. Betta tessting is done to iron out errors in software coding etc.

    However if your q relates to venison then beta (pronounced better in this case) is organic venison and the final venison would be the remains of a dead wild animal , which in this case would probably have real bugs and maggots in it

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    Beta version means the actual version before fixing the all bugs, troubles and problems

    The final one, the version which is been fixed all bugs and troubles, and tested very ok to use.

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    normal version there is no such thing, there is a Release Version. Beta version is software at its testing stage.

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