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How to attract students to attend art class?

We're planning to have art classes at school. But it seems that not much students are interested.

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    U should tell them that in art there is no exact right and wrong. Show them some illustration from books (depends on how old r ur students. If they r a primary student, show them Harry Potter books - the cover, n tell them by attending art classes they will b able 2 create those kind of drawing - even though it will takes sometime. Also u can always try the illustration from Disney, eg Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc) or show them posters or CD covers - anything that will trigger their enthusiasm. Then maybe you can start a small project like creating a CD cover of their favorite band/singer with their own art and interpretation, and later on hav a small exhibition. Knowing what ur students interest will help you a lot.

    (I started drawing cause I wanted 2 create my own comic book - thx 2 Superman n Tintin comics. I studied art for 4 years, and now Im an artist)

    Start with something simple, it always works.

    Pls remember though, art for beginners should be something fun not stressful (Stress is for artist - lol).

    So good luck, all the best :-)

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    A funny answer would be " Get a nude frenchwomen to pose" that will draw in the crowds.

    Actually, your art class & advertise should be meaningful. Try something like having the material prepared during the class be put upfor exhibition or sale. Or better still, take a proforma order from any of the boutiques or shops for something you plan to teach, and offer the help to students to sell their creation. This way, by learning an income generating hobby, yousure can getmany offers.

    With the computer, net, video games, its difficult to students for books, painting, art classes.

    I appreciate what you are doing.

    My best wishes to you.

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    Maybe everyone hasn't heard about it. Get the word out better and be more specific about what the class will involve (watercolor, oils drawing). You might be surprised

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    i'd so so go... i loved art class...

    er, extra credit if you go for 90% of the lessons or something...

    nude females/males to draw may work (maybe towards the end of the year tho)...

    a trip to a cool gallery... i.e the tate modern if you were in britain...

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    Just tell them that it is a easy class, they will come running! I would say alot of them don't want to attend because there aren't artistic, let them know you don't have to be..

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    Nude models.

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