Women: Do you expect your husband/boyfriend to always spice up the relationship or keep things entertaining?

I just want to know if the guy has to do all the work... I had this debate with my girlfriend. She complained that I stopped mailing so often and that I wasn't the same as when we first started courting. Ok, I admit I did slow down, but not because I love her any less. Anyway my question is that, if she feels as if things are getting dry, then she could herself try to spice it up and like be more entertaining or romantic, to keep the interest. Do most women feel that it is all up to the men? Why are the guys always at fault when they are not doing enough but the woman doesn't go through the same effort as a guy would? Would you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think that both men and women should put effort into their relationship. Women loved to be swept off their feet, but they often forget that men love that too. A little spice from each partner can go a long way.

    If your girlfriend feels the relationship is dry, not only do you have a responsibility to make it better, but she should also go the extra mile to make it more entertaining.

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    5 years ago

    Ok, little acting out? Calm down a bit, and relax. It's a 2 way street in all relationships. However, there will be cases where one feels less important than the other and tries to compensate for it with something. Cars, Sex, Money, These all get used for compensation in one way or another. In a relationship it can be for a shortcoming. Sexual, Emotional, Financial, Asthetic, are all types of relationship shortcomings that might make someone feel obliged to compensate the other party for.

  • 1 decade ago

    It Should be both ways

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