why are people in the states so enraged with Immigrants from other countries who reside here?

They should go back home! they are taking our jobs! they should be required by law to speak the language!

I am so sick of people always being so unfair about this issue.

I wish for one day, all of those who throw the stones, could be in that persons shoes. What would you do if you were poor, and your country's economy was horrible, how would you survive? if you couldn't get a descent job that paid what you need to feed your kids? what if you had a degree and couldn't even take advantage of it because there were no opportunities?

If you could go to another country where the people seem like angels and the land looks like heaven, give hope to the people you love. a chance for a better life..you wouldn't do it??

87% of Illegal aliens work jobs the american society doesn't want!! They help!

My family and I are from Spain, we are citizens of both countries..so save the illegal insults.

I just want to know..why? what is it? why so much hatred towards this people? I want to understand.

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    No, it's because sometimes americans are ignorant....the same thing when they give a statement saying: the US is the greatest place on earth. Just makes you wanna walk away from stupidity like that.....Don't even pay attention to people who have issues with immigrants or immigration. They probably never even got out of their own freakin state.

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    1 decade ago

    The issue is legality. If they came here through Ellis Island like many immigrants in the early 1900's, were registered and tracked, etc. then there wouldn't be such an issue. The sheer fact that these people are here is predicated on illegality. There is no respect for the rule of law- to which I take issue. We cannot, as a society, pick and choose what laws we choose to enforce.

    Furthermore, these people are quickly becoming a burden on our social services. Granted, they "take the jobs that our citizens don't want" (as the argument goes), however they also take services away from our own, tax-paying citizens. Why does it take so long in the emergency room? Because of indigents without health insurance. Why are our court systems overwhelmed? Because one in three prisoners in California is here illegally. The list goes on. Tax dollars spent on dual language classes in the public school system are diverted away from our own children- and we wonder why test scores are so low. By looking the other way on illegal immigration, we are, in essence, diluting the quality of our own society.

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    Sadly the Media controls a large part of what people in the US believe...It was almost immediate after teh media started talking about this issue that Americans started a tirade over something that has gone on in this country ever since i can remember there are no more illegal aliens in America now than ther were 30 years ago....the media is controled by advertisors who are Corporate Amereica when ever things get hard on the middle class due to government kickbacks as the one thay had just prior to this bs to the opil comapanies they throw the middle class off of them and onto the poor. The old trick was to tell the midle class that they were hurting finacily because the poor wouldnt work and were on welfare and drinking and buying new cars and such with there welfare checks these are all lies but the American people are buying it all.

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    I would have to go with the illegal immigrants taking the jobs that people do want. 87% means that 13% of the jobs are still wanted by people who are citizens (along with some 'unwanted' jobs that could help go towards preventing poverty in the U.S.).

    Tax dollars paid by LEGAL U.S. Citizens go towards public schooling and wellfair among other services provided for illegal immigrants.

    Plus, no offense, but when there is a language barrier caused by this, English speaking people tend to get frustated over the situation as well.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why do you ask a question like this when you obviously don't want to hear the truth? You are the one who is being unfair.

    If someone breaks into your house, takes everything that you have and then insults YOU while they are not even supposed to be there (trespasser like illegals) would you like it? Of course not!

    You said you were from Spain, you will not understand this. For the record, I am not enraged with all immigrants. I only hate illegal Mexicans who take from us without putting anything into the system because they don't pay taxes, have 20 kids each-thus getting more U.S. government handouts, refuse to assimilate into OUR culture, make up b.s. garbage that they are dumb enough to believe are facts and then fly that ugly buzzard rag they call the Mexican flag. You asked for it, you got it.

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    1 decade ago

    If you back up some and look at how the U.S. as a nation looks at this issue, you'll see that we are far from making up our minds about it. As a nation, we're of two minds-- we're frustrated by the problem of Latin America's failure to control its population and its sending its poverty to us, but at the same time, we DO put ourselves in the shoes of the PEOPLE that come here, and because we do, we have not sent them back. Many if not most individual Americans, pro and anti, know what they'd like to do, but as a country, we haven't decided.

    I accept two points as axiomatic-- ONE, Mexico and Central America produce more people than their infrastructures can provide for. And TWO, this will not change as long as America allows illegal immigration to continue.

    If America one day builds the wall, it's hard to predict what will happen. Ideally, the people of those regions would demand better leadership from their governments, and over a generation, a middle class would form and the need to emigrate would lessen. It's hard, though, to envision that, and worse, the suffering the people of those nations would endure during that transition would be unimaginable.

    On the other hand, the current rate of immigration can't continue forever. What I rarely hear anyone discuss is the question of what will happen in America when we next have a real recession-- when unemployment shoots up to ten or fifteen percent, when tax revenues decline precipitously, when it goes on not for months but for years, and people begin to despair of it ever ending. At that point, having fifteen to twenty million undocumented people whose employers can no longer pay them, and who won't qualify for aid, will be a problem neither we nor they will be able to ignore.

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    1 decade ago

    We WANT immigrants, legal ones. Without a legal process this country that you say is so great will end up just like the ones they are running from. America will become poor too. Why do you want MY taxes to pay for illegals when I can barely make it myself? Why can't Mexicans scream in the streets for better government? Why do they send their money to Mexico when my tax dollars are giving them free health care? I have supported President Bush until his weakness over illegal immigration. He is going to cause tens of millions more and we will become the country people will run away from.

  • 1 decade ago

    Simply because it's easier to attack the supply rather than address the demand. It's why Pro-Life, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and the War on Terror are complete jokes. People would rather demonize and throw money at a problem than address the actual root causes.

    In immigration, illegal workers are here simply because there is DEMAND for illegal workers. They don't come here to suck up welfare, they come here to work and pay big money to be smuggled here to do so. The work they do doesn't pay enough to handle expensive schools and healthcare, so the state pays this.

    If, instead of policing the borders, they actually enforced labor laws like minimum wage or *gasp* actually raise minimum wage beyond grinding poverty so that fat lazy Americans sucking up welfare might be motivated to find work. Another way is to actually impose real tarrifs on imported goods and services, make it equally costly for companies to keep labor here or move their operations out of the country. We can't have any protectionist policies in the New World Order though...what would our neighbors think?

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    I think the main reason is that immigrants are coming in and taking jobs that should be given to Americans. True, they aren't glamorous jobs, but there are poor or homeless people in America that have to be offered those jobs before people from other countries come in and take them.

    And I also don't think that immigrants who came to this country and filed the appropriate paperwork to become citizens are the reason for the immigrant "problem" that we have. America prides itself on the diversity of the people who live here. It is when people are sneaking into the country in hoards and living here illegally when we start to have a problem.

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    Actually, I agree with Billy B. Ik Weet Niees argues against him, but in typical liberal fashion, utilizes rhetoric instead of facts to try to persuade. He says the benefits of illegal immigration outweigh the disadvantages. How so? I fail to see one reason how being inundated with people who don't belong here is a benefit, especially when they suck up our resources without helping to replenish them. Yeah, I'm sure illegals are going out of their way to file W4's every year, especially when they're getting paid in cash by the foreman of the landscaping company. Ridiculous.

    I will agree the we are treating the symptoms rather than the problem. The reason these people are taking jobs that Americans won't do is because of welfare. A cost/benefit analysis for alot of the poor dictates that it's easier for them to sit at home and collect a check versus going out and working a laborious job for little more return. Easy fix. Remove the safety net of welfare and force people to work. It's either that or starve. Their choice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    immigrants dont bother me...but i live in an area that is being overtaking by mexicans, mostly illegal immigrants. the neigborhood i live in used to be a nice working class area, very little crime, safe for people to walk down the street. now it is overrun by criminals, probably due to the fact that many dont (or cant) work. the see the nice things that others have in the neighborhood so they insist on stealing or destroying these things. they have no respect for other residents. the value of everyones property has declined immensely.

    there are some illegals that truly are contributig member of society, however many are not. i dont feel that it is fair when i have to go to the hospital that i have to wait in line behind some ******* that are not even legally supposed to be here.

    make a positive contribution to society!!!

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