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I've lost a weeks worth of sleep and suddenly started losing hair. ALOT! is sleep loss my problem?

It just suddenly happened after a week passed. I noticed in the shower and for some reason 6 or 7 strands would fall out when i shampooed my hair. help please. its been going on for 4 days please help

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    Then Recoup Your Sleep

    Maybe That Will Help

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    I have a lot of hair. Beauticians always hate cutting it. After I dyed my hair a second time to fix a horrible dye job, my scalp was irritated. As it started healing about five or six hairs would fall out each time I took a shower, some times a little more, some times a little less. This happened for a little under two weeks. I wouldn't worry to much about your hair loss. Get some good sleep. And if it doesn't go away in the next few days or gets worse, contact a doctor.

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    Have a big old cup of warm milk then do whatever you need to to fall asleep, make sure you sleep between 6-8 hours a day and eat properly. Diet can also contribute to hair loss. Confront life stress and get past whatever it is that is preventing you from getting the rest you need. If nothing works go to a doctor.

    Good luck:)

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    yes lack of sleep is jus da prob dats da cause of ur hair loss. its jus da start visit a doc soon or u mite c hundreds or hair strands instead of da current 6-7. act now b4 its too late...........

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    Both are just symptoms.

    Get to a doctor ASAP!!

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