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What do you think of Art Carney?

He's one of my all time second bananas and actors.

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    He's my all time favorite top banana as far as I'm concerned. He should have gotten top billings for his crazy hi-jinks and the way he managed to keep a straight face while being a clown is beyond me but thank goodness for him being one of the bunch.

    To bad we don't have special clowns like him around any more. We need more clowns to put smiles on all of our faces more now then ever.

    Thank you Mr. Art Carney for just being you.

  • LORD Z
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    Funny thing about second bananas. They seldom become as popular with anyone else. Jackie Gleason was funny with a great many people. Art Carney was not as funny without Gleason as he was with Gleason. I think Harvey Korman was a better second banana, or William Frawley, or a number of other second bananas the could team up time and time again. give it a thought. I think you will see what I mean.

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    He was very funny and had a way of making being a sidekick look like it was the best role in the world. I know life happens, but every time we lose one of the greats, there doesn't seem to be anyone waiting in the wings to step up.

  • His comedic timing was brilliant. How a guy could turn a simple act of signing something with a pen turn into a hilarious comedic moment is beyond me. Only Steve Martin came close to his genius in this regard.

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    A great actor and a portrayer of one of the great supporting characters of all time. Fun to watch.

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