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Why are people so eager to give you their opinions but don't really want to listen to yours ?

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    It's human nature. Most people just wait for a break in a conversation so they have their chance to speak. The time your talking they are just thinking about what they are going to say.

    *I feel (wink) that this is why society spends so much money on counsoling. We pay someone to listen.

    -A favorite quote of mine -

    > If we were meant to talk more than we were meant to listen we would be born with two mouths and one ear< Mark Twain>

    *Good Luck with you quest of understanding

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    When one gives one an opinion, I think that they are just trying to help. This means that they care. But if they don't what to listen to your opinion, then they just lost a caring person's genuine concern.

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    1 decade ago

    It's their egoist way of validating themselves. But that doesn't make them right most of the time... if they listen.. maybe they will learn something..but most of the time it's not like that... it's sad ..people like that are ignorant by choice.

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    Because people are sure of themselves and feel they don't need other people commenting on their live.

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  • Why listen to others when you KNOW you are right - just ask any christian, muslim, hindu, jew, flatearther etc

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