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baby suri?

what do you all think about tom and kat cruises baby that no one has yet to see?

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    i swear i just answered a question exactly like yours. here, i'll sum it up:

    satan spawn

    Rosemary's Baby

    locked up in their dungeon

    hideous deformity

    ...if you ever do see a pic of their baby- it's probably a kid they paid for just for pictures so that we don't find out that their real baby is a Demon.

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    I think they made up the Baby story to cover Kat's weight gain.

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    I wonder if they are just waiting for someone to pay a lot of money for those pictures. The longer they wait the less cash they will get. If the baby is real just show us one good picture.

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    I think there smart for keeping the baby out of the public's eyes,look at all the turmiol caused during the pegnancy

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    the baby doesn't exist

    they are biding their time til they can buy one in nebraska

    tom cruise is gay and does not have sex with women

    therefore, he cannot father a child

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    I think it is a good thing her parents have money. She is going to need a lot of counseling some day.

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    I read that it's a Church os Scientology thing.

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    I'm not sure she exists. no pics. no info. nothing.

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    she should be so cute!

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