Any idea on semester seasons in US schools and their exact duration - monthwise?


I would like to know on SUMMER,FALL and SPRING.

Update 2:

Summer session,Fall session and Spring Session

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    It varies (sometimes considerably) from school to school.

    Generally, fall semester begins in late August or early September, and ends in mid-December.

    Generally, spring semester begins in early to late January, and ends sometime in May.

    Summer sessions can vary even more. Some colleges and universities have several summer sessions, some have only one, and some have none.

    My university, for instance, has 4 overlapping summer sessions. Two are five-week sessions, and two are six-week sessions. All take place at varying times between mid-May and early August. Another university nearby has one summer session that lasts 10 weeks, from mid-May to early August.

    I hope this helps!

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    summer? we take it off homie and usually school is about 9 months from august to may or june

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