How dose on stay mad at your partner after a arguement, is there a limit two days or more is there a limit?

If you and your partner had arguement/disagreement how long should you be mad at each other two days weeks on end or end the dispute sooner?

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    I think it depends on the couple. The goal you as a couple want to achieve is not to never fight, because couples have to fight sometimes (it's healthy.) It's to make up in a healthy way. It's normal for a couple to argue and be mad at each other for a while. But admit it, you're not really mad anymore, are you? You're protecting your pride.

    Don't try to force any kind of makeup until the time is right. The more you fight, things will either go in the right or wrong direction. And if they go in the right direction, it will take shorter and shorter to make up after a fight.

    Me and my boyfriend broke up for a couple years, but we're back now. The first time we went out we argued probably every night, so we basically ended up hating each other lol. So now, we don't fight that much at all. We love each other too much to get mad at each other, yet those fights do arise. Even so, we resolve them pretty quickly after the fight. We know how much it sucks to try and go home and sleep when you're mad at the other one, so we just don't do it anymore. We let go of our anger so that we can be closer to each other.

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    When me and my husband had an argument or disagreement we work out or issues together before we went to sleep. If we did not see eye to eye on things we had to come to some kind of agreement and resolve our problems together. We don't like to go into the next day upset or angry and carrying on on what happens or what he or I did. We made it a point to never go to sleep angry due to anger causes strife and destruction to a marriage/relationship. If no communication is a major factor then why even have a marriage? It takes two to make things work and understanding and patience. Assumptions are not tolerated, we get to the facts straight up and to the point. So, before you go to sleep you discuss the issues at hand and not carry the issues into the next day. Thanks

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    Until you both calm down and are able to talk about your different opinions without arguing. There's no rule for that.

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