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I am looking for baby names i am a first time mom who is picky please help?


i need to have something that would go with schwickrath which is my last name

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    do you like ethnic names. I am Irish and my favorite names are the old Irish with the traditional spelling like Meaghan and Catherine and Colleen : Aidan and Brian and Kevin for a boy

    I also like double names like Amelia Anne and Robert James

    Other traditional names are Victoria and Alyousia and Abigil

    Daniel, Michael and Charles

    Be sure the first name sounds good with your last name and that the initials do not spell anything. Rita Anne is an ok name unless your last name is Thorenson

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    If you are that picky, wait until the baby is born. Once you look at your new baby, the name will come to you. Although I had my children's name picked out long before they were born (they are named after family and close friends), I know people that wait until the birth of the child all the time.

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    I'm partial to Irish names myself. My son's name is Riley Coker (Coker being my husband's birth father's surname). If we ever have a girl we want her to be named Erin Elizabeth, and if we ever have another boy he will be Connor Gordon.

    I'd try to stay away from all the really popular names, b/c going to a playground and hearing your kid's name being yelled by different moms can be really weird. Also, you don't want to be TOO original with the name (think Apple or Rocco). Celebrities need to be slapped with child abuse for naming their babies in such messed up ways.

    Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be fine. Congrats on being a new mommy!!!!

    Source(s): Being a mom myself and having played the "Name That Baby Game".
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    It Has Lots Of Baby Names.

    Hope It Helps.

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    Hard to help you, do you want boy or girl names. I'm partial to Phoenix Michael for a boy and Denim Cheyenne for a girl.

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    look first into your family names. give your baby a name that is not embarassing if on a job interview.

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    Hi! I would suggest Daphne, Charlotte, Dianne or Charlene if girl;

    if boy, Kevin, Dion, Dune or Darl..hope it helps...:-)

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    hi u must be excited expecting a baby. if it's a girl choose from Anagrace,Daniella or Amanda. if it's a boy then Derek,Daniel,Alvin or Justine.hope u like them.

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    Jada Elizabeth for a girl.

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    according to me valentine would be the best name for boy and senerita for a girl

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