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what does this mean?

i have just split from my bf and now after about 4 day i cant cry anymore. Does this mean that i am gettin over him? Will things get better from here or is it another reason?

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    I think everything will be fine for you. You cried your soul out and all the sadness and anger is out. Try to go out with ur friends now and meet new people. Pull urself together and get out there babe. You will have a great future

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    Well, when I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, I hardly cried at all. Just because you are not crying, doesn't mean that you are over him. It is a good thing, though. Maybe now, your eyes can recover from the abuse. Just kidding, sweetheart. It takes closure to get over him. It's not about how much you cry. You will accept the way things are, for what they are, when you accept that you made the right decision, and convince yourself that you have to keep going with everything else in your life, whether or not that includes you ex in any way.

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    this just means that whatever hurt that you were feeling is healing. i personally don't believe that you ever truly get over anyone that you've been in a serious relationship with because you always think of that person and hope that are doing OK. unless of course the person was abusive or an infidel (cheater).in that case this is a sign that you are ready to put your past behind you and move on.

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    I believe if you're asking this question you're not over him. I think if you were truly over him you'd be sure of it and confident and happy! So, maybe not :( sorry

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    yes, but first of all you should know why?

    what you want from your bf?

    what he want from his gf?

    friendship is gtaet than over

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    it is just not important anymore...

    anyway if u didn't get over him your eyes did

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    Sounds to me like you're healing. BTW....I like your screenname.

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    your pretty much over him i would say there r plenty of other guys for you

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    you need to drink some more water, your dry, lol

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    just chill

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