Don't Italians just kick Mexican *** when it comes to their ingenuity w/ manipulating flour? See below.?

When God gave the world flour...

Italians took it and made beautiful breads, pastries, and pastas that have become the envy of the world.

Mexicans took it and just beat it with a rock and made the tortilla.

Who wins? I think the answer is clear, but try to be objective.

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    Actually thay have nothing in common...The mexicans didn't originally use wheat flour...they used a type of corn meal... The real tortilla was and still is made out of a corn flour...

    Although the "gordita de harina" has been used in the last couple of centuries, mostly for breakfast.

    The flour tortilla is similar to the middle estarn Pita bread, and these all date to times before man had learned to put leavening in with the flour!

    And italians didn't invent PASTA they just transformed it and (I must admit improved it a lot with all the varieties made)

    Actually pasta was invented by the chinese...and Marco Polo brought it to Italy.

    And as to breads... The french are aces for breads AND Pastiries

    with Spain and Italy coming in close seconds ..

    My favourite breads are the french Baguette and the italian Chiabbata and there is a chain of small bakeries in southern Spain called "LA CANASTA" that has a multi-cereal bread that is an absolute delight...

    AND it's not a question of "kicking ***"! Just enjoy the variety the world has to offer us!

    Source(s): I live in Spain and have family both in Italy and France (And I also spent 7 years of my childhood in northern Mexico) So I know the cuisine of all four countres)
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    Hell yea. Although I love the tortilla Italian food could kick anything in Mexico's ***! High five man! *5*5*5*5*

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    Oh, yeah, Italians make.... noodles! flat noodles, spiral noodles, spaghetti noodles, spaghettini noodles. I'd call it a draw with the Mexicans.

    Germans, now, they can manipulate some flour!

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    no. not really. I love pasta, but the italians didn't invent that.

    did you ever try italian biscotti? nasty stuff.

    i prefer a warm croissant from the french ...YUM.

    also love mexican corn cakes and enchiladas.

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    1 decade ago

    Yea and those tortillas makes great burritos! Ha! Beat that!

  • 1 decade ago

    I like both

    Source(s): And Indigenous tribes created tortillas
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    no but the freanch use the head when you talk about there mother

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