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I need information about supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia?

Do those hypermarkets sell photo albums?

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    Following the most popular hypermarkets in Malaysia with their URL. You can find a lot of information there!









    Tesco Malaysia



    * no official website but I found some information about this hypermarket as below...

    MYDIN MASJID INDIA (head office)

    NO. 95 & 97 , Wisma Mydin

    Jalan Masjid India

    50100, Kuala Lumpur

    Tel No : 03 - 2693 7815

    Fax No : 03 - 2691 0307

    E-mail : jmi.emporium@mydin.net

    Founded in 1957, MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Bhd. is the largest homegrown wholesale emporium in Malaysia, with 23 branches nationwide. The "MYDIN" name today is well established among Malaysians as well as foreigners particularly in the East Coast and Klang Valley. With the combination concept of supermarket and large general merchandise store, MYDIN is also known as the only wholesale emporium that offers full range of religious needs for Muslim customer such as prayer mats and "minyak attar" (perfume oil).

    The philosophy of "Customer First" has always been the guiding principle for MYDIN staff of all levels at all times. MYDIN is also committed in providing the best value for money for the best assortment of goods, excellent service and customer convenience by opening more outlets at strategic places.

    With the continuous support of our loyal customers, MYDIN Meriah Rewards Program was launched - a program that promises a more rewarding shopping experience for our customers.

    At MYDIN, our customers enjoy wholesale prices everyday. With MYDIN Meriah Rewards Program, they will enjoy REWARDING Wholesale Prices Everyday!

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    Of course they do, why else are they called, "HYPERmarkets" and "SUPERmarkets?", lol.

    Although, I would recommend Supermarkets rather than Hypermarkets.

    Unlike most Hypermarkets, their stock & goods are brought in daily and regularly.

    We have a wide variety of photo albums here. You can also try, "Living Quarters" they have these cute albums with pop-up art at the cover=) Jusco's selection is not too bad, either.

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    You can easily get photo albums at any supermarket and hypermarkets in Malaysia.

    Also, you can try out the stationery shops, which are easily available in every block. The biggest one would be Popular Bookstore.

    There are 2 types of photo albums you can find here. The adhesive ones and the pockets ones (they come usually in 3R and 4R sizes). They also come in all sort of sizes and designs on the covers as well.

    So don't worry if you need an album. If you print them out at the photo shop, they would usually provide you with a temporary one, the cover made out of thick paper or of a plastic box. It would save you space and weight if you plan to travel back far.

    Source(s): Am a Malaysian who enjoys shopping around for cute stationery
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    Hypermarkets like Carrefour and Giant sell everything under the sun, they don't get hyper from just selling groceries :) Some of the bigger supermarkets should too, but you'll prolly have a bigger selection at bookstores like Borders or Popular

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    If you're in KL then there's a lot of choices

    Giant, JUSCO (KL CC), Carrefour

    in Midvalley shopping centre you ve Carrefour (Subang also)

    Sunway Piramids- Giant

    Else many shops sell photo album specially those that sell cameras!

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    There are a lot..Giant, Tesco, Carefour, Jusco, Billion and many more..I'm sure they sell photo album..

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    there is giant, carrefour, tesco, and they do sell photo albums.

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    Yes they do. Just ask around if u cant find it.

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    they have "giant" and "carrefour". i'm pretty sure they do sell photo albums!

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