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Why don't people want to have sex with an older person?

They think old people having sex is gross. This applies for men or women.


Young people think old people should not have sex. Even with someone their own age.They think it is gross.

Update 2:

Most older people want to have sex with a younger person. Say if the younger person is in love with an older person for some odd reason. People think it's gross. Expectually if they are having sex.

Update 3:

I believe older people have more experience and young ones have more stamina.But that's not the question.

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    I'm 57 and my girlfried is 19 and nags me every night to make love. Perhaps your assumption is flawed. Often older men have much more stamina and greater ability to satisfy a woman. On the other hand, when women reach menopause they lose all interest in sex.

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    How old are these people not wanting to have sex with older people-- thats the first thing i would want to know -- next who are the older people wanting to have sex with these younger ones--

    if the people that are young think its gross will they are problem to young to be having sex-- but then again if you are talking about a 25 year old and a 85 year old well i would have to rethink that one myself

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    The older you are... The more wrinkled it is?

    Eewh! Ha-ha-ha!

    I guess I've been there and done that - not that old though!

    I've had the most amazing love making with a man 8 years older than me - but that's the oldest I've gone - it seems that the saying is true "Older men do have more experience" but that doesn't mean I find his grandpa attractive!

    PS: Don't old people find it more difficult to have sex?

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    It depends on the age of the people in question. If you're 18 and having sex with a 64 year old, well, that's pretty odd. If you are both close to the same age then it seems pretty normal. There are alot of romances going on in retirement centers, I'm sure.

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    are you wanting to make porn old man? or are you wanted to put on a strip show old man?

    then why old man does it matter that old people ****ing grosses out a society that is based on youth money power god, and children.

    I also like the person who asked you "why do old people want to have sex with young ones?"

    later old man

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    Why do old person want to have sex with young one?

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    because older persons make love they don't have sex and most of people they don't want love

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    i think the old people does not work or they don't left up their d i c k and the can't act like young on e

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    Well stamina lies in youth and experience lies in the amount of people you have sex with....young people have a lot of sex...that is probably why.

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    Because having sex outside marriage , is a Sin...

    Too bad for you

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