Too many drives. Want to remove 1 and substitute the other need help to configure windows xp?

I have windows xp with too many optical drives. #1 CD-ROM (ok) #2 DVD (not ok) # 3 CD-RW ( the drive I want to substitute for the DVD. The CD-RW is not hooked up (slave drive). The DVD is a slave to the CD-ROM. I want to make the CD-RW a slave drive to the CD-ROM. My question is this. I have Nero Burning software that is recognizing the ROM drive as a RW drive so I will probalbly have to remove the software. I assume I can go to the uninstall hardware area and just click on DVD and then unplug the ribbon cable and then plug it into the CD-RW and windows should pick it up (after I re-install Nero drivers or before?) What am I doing wrong here. I think the drivers have to be in place before I connect the 40 pin ribbon cable so the op system will recognize the CD-RW instead of the ROM to use to burn cd's. Should I leave this to the pros or do you think this is a do-it yourself job? What do I put in place of the hole in my pc or should I just leave a dead player there to lool at?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    From how you just said that I'd say let a computer smart friend do it.

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