After the Italian soccer scandals,how can we be sure the world cup was not bought also?

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    oh god its over get over it its just a soccer game not the superbowl

  • When the ref awarded France a penalty kick for a dive in the first 5 minutes that's when we can be sure. Maybe France tried to buy it but FIFA only sells it conditionally - we'll give you one free goal, you defend it. FIFA keeps the money either way. That's the racket. It worked against Portugal but the Italians came back. BTW, no one in the last 8 got a penalty kick except France (twice) (twice for a dive).

    And also BTW, the Italian scandal reaches into the UEFA Champions League too. For a game between Juventus and PC Eindhoven (Dutch team) the guy in charge of assigning refs for the game called up the Juve manager and told him something like "I got (ref's name) just like you wanted."

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    Of course, evidence occurs to be sure.

    Evidencies WC was bought - zero

    Evidencies it wasn't bought:

    1. Italy had a penalty against at 7'

    2. Referee not giving a goal to Italy (offside foul)

    3. Great save by Buffon on Zidane's head shoot in e.t.

    4. Set up a penalty kicks shootout it nearly impossible... Only Trezeguet missed, hitting a crossbar! It was nearest to a goal than a missed shoot... or are you believing the commercial with Ronaldinho hitting the crossbar is a real thing??????;-)

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    Well unless Trezeguet was on the take, I think it's safe to say the Italians won the penalty shoot out far and square.

    Anyway, all things considered it was a good match. Watching it go to penalties was exciting but seeing Zidane's headbutt was priceless!

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    Oh dear, we are all so tired of this question.

    Ok, you're right...the Italian team paid the crossbar to block Trezeguet's missed penalty. Oh, and they slipped Zidane $40 to headbutt Materazzi. After all, poor Zinadine needs the money, right?

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    well everything is considered! maybe the Italians bought it and the zidane thing just only to say that he is the reason and to cover the real thing but u can believe what u want ya?

    on the other hand we consider the good in people not the bad and evil!!!!

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    We have all this question in our minds, the thing isthat italians are bloody lucky and they do anything to win...

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    i ensure u that italy won wc with cheating and scanle either.

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    you know excuses are like the anus, everybodyhas one....

  • 1 decade ago

    no we can't...

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