"e-business" mean?

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    E-business is more than just having a web presence to facilitate buying and selling. Frank Jones, VP of IBM Corporation, provides this definition: “E-business is exploiting the combined power of the internet and information technology to fundamentally transform key business strategies and processes”.

    E-business is a complex subject, but can simply be defined as transacting business electronically. These transactions typically occur in three modes: between the company and its buyers, between the company and the vendors it buys from, or transactions entirely internal to the company. Within these three modes, transactions occur in front office business functions such as marketing, sales, and customer service activities. Or, they can occur in back office business functions such as human resources, finance, engineering, manufacturing, inventory, and supply chain activities. Internal transactions facilitate the flow of information and data throughout the company by connecting departments and functions, which is called e-business integration.

    An increasingly important fourth mode of e-business transaction is between the company and the various levels of government. These transactions can be filing of tax or informational returns, distribution of notices, procurement activities, and requests for quotation.

    E-commerce is defined generally as electronic sales transactions over the internet. M-commerce stands for mobile commerce, which is a new concept supported by the advance of wireless technology. Business transactions made on mobile internet-capable devices, such as handheld appliances, fall into the realm of m-commerce.

    E-business terminology creates confusion for everyone, because it advances and evolves very quickly with new technology. How many of these terms do you know and recognize: B2b, b2c, m2b, b2g, g2b, g2c, wap, xtml, crm, cro, asp, and disintermediation? To eliminate frustration, adopt an online technology dictionary as a tool. Several examples are www.webopedia.com and www.techweb.com.

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    Electronic Business, normally ran over the internet.

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    electronic bussiness .. that is run through the internet that can also be called as online business.

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