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A good song for dad?

my g/f needs a goo song to play for her dad when she gives him a candle any help on a nice dad song would be appreciated!

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    One of the most beautiful songs for a young lady to her father is : Celine Dion's Because you love me, it's not just a love song for a man & woman. If her dad was there for her then it's the perfect song. Hope it helps. C

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    this song is a little bit older, but " daddys hands" is a really good song. Holly Dunn was the artist. i never cared for country, but that song got to me the first time i heard it. what dad would not want to hear that song playing just for him?

  • Butterfly Kisses, by Bob Carlisle.Also, Unforgettable by Natalie Cole w/ her father is a classic.

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    Dance with my father-Luther Vandross

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    I Love You, You Love Me- Barney

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    changes by kelly osbourne

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