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why most of the people think badly about moslem?

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    Because we don't hear a lot about the good things.

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    What means 'most of people'? If I remember correctly, there are some 2 billions Christians, 1+ billions Muslims, almost billion Hindus and almost same number of Atheists; other views/believes/religions have far less followers. While many Christians may indeed make stupid generalizations about Muslims (same as Muslims about Christians), I am not sure whether it is 'most of people' or not. But 'why' is easy to answer: because we normally do not like someone who is fanatical, intolerant, and arrogant. It does not mater whether such crazy person is Muslim or not, whether he is from a royal family or a son of a president - the crazy person one minute may look like a nice guy, and next minute start destruction.

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    Because they do not know any better. Every denomination thinks to themselves

    that they have the right religion. Only God will be the judge, because in the end times

    every christian will come together and be as one. Meaning there will be only one

    church. Futhermore christian will not think badly of no-one, that if they are one of

    the lord children. Most people think this religion is not of God but again "Let God be The Judge".

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    As to be proven by some of the silly, juvenile remarks you will get in answer to your question.

    Most Christians have no idea what religious discipline and adherence to faith is about. For most Christians, belief is about going to church once a week and occassionally saying "sorry" for your sins. But for a muslim, it is a daily and constant communion with God.

    If only people read more, and listened more instead of reveal uninformed concepts and myths...

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    Mostly because they have never been outside of their country and culture and all the get to see is filtered news and they make their judgment based on that news.

    Let me give you a small example.

    I read in local newspapers that everyday in Chicago, atleast 10 people die in gang shootings yet they never make it to TV but if a nutcase Muslim tries to scare someone with a death thread BOOM! makes the frontpage or headline news.

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    I don't see anything wrong with Muslims. Moslems however, i cannot say because I have no idea what that is.

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    Some of them have done some very bad things. But there are millions upon millions of good Muslims, so don't hate them. It would be like hating Black People because OJ murdered his wife...supposedly.

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    Because most muslims refuse condem terrorism?

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    Read the answers and you will definitely note ignorance is the best answer.

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