Is Royal Enfield a good motorcycle? ( In India)?

Hi, I am planning to buy a royal Enfield motorcycle. but I am not getting much feedback of available models about its engine performance, mileage, maintenance. how frequently engine need to open for maintenance?


Thanks Goldwing.

I am asking about buying brand new Enfield. There are so many old enfields around. But Enfield Bullet is still manufactured in india till date.

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    What year is it??? A Enfield was a early motorcycle. If it is a early year and it runs it could be worth a lot, I mean an lot.

    I had a 1963 honda dream and all the time we talked about the enfield.

    Beleave me I am from the old school and there are many collectors who would give a lot for a enfield.

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  • Mary
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    5 years ago

    Brand Engine, Automatic Transmission, Front Disc/Rear Drum Brake, 10" Wheels, Metallic Paint, Windshield, Rear Trunk, Most Popluar Scooter

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    Its a very low state of tune, even the modified version only has about 27bhp. does about 80mph, but its not about going fast. (infact its a good excuse to go slow)

    There are tuning parts avilable as its legal for AHRMA racing (american historical racing motorcycle association), and several other competition organisations around the world allow it as a 'vintage' bike.

    Where else can you get a brand new 1955 motorcycle? Its kind of neat but realistically, its still 50yr old technology, so maintainance is going to be higher than with a modern bike (but, it was designed for owner maintainance)

    It hasnt stopped Harley using stone age technology though ;0)

    Friend had an earlier version, brakes were pretty bad, but that issue has been solved

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    I have a 2004 Bullet "65" model. It's kind of slow but quicker than I expected. It will require easy regular maintenance. It looks and sounds kool, and I'm getting 70-75 miles per gallon.

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    Looking for a good answer on this too

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    my understanding is the engine is sound...but lil things like the wiring are a lil rough not well insulated......and can be sorted easily at home

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    4 years ago

    that's up for discussion and there are basically several answers to this question

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