turning my goodie 2 shoes into a filthy whore?

i love my girl.. but shes so boring in the bedroom. really shy.. and self concious.. and i dont know if i can take it much longer. how do i turn her into a pornoslut? seriously....

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    1 decade ago
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    throw out some new ideas or positions. she might just surprise u. i guess its all about talking to her and finding out whats going on. if she trust fully then i doubt she will be that shy. so to paraphrase get in her head. throw ideas out until something clicks.

  • I disagree with the answers on here, first of all just because u want your girl 2 be sexually adventurous with you doesn't make u bad guy, U just wanna spice up ur sex life. It's natural, who doesn't want good sex.

    Now, I was once a MS. GOODIE 2 SHOES, but my bf (who was my 1st by the way) Really helped me to loosen up. My first time was one of the most comforting and pleasurable experience. All because he showed me how much he appreciated me and a little dirty talk as well! Outside the bedroom, he showered me with complement on my beauty and unique. Try that. If u can show her u appreciate her outside the bedroom, she'll shake off all those layers of self-consciousness inside the bedroom.

    Secondly, DON'T COMPARE HER 2 ANYONE IN ANYWAY! (Good or bad)! That includes those pornosluts u mentioned, ex-lovers, celebs, anyone. All this does is take away the fact that she is unique and special to u, that includes a good compliment as well.


    Now the good stuff.

    LOTSA 4PLAY, this can't be stretched enough.

    If u r feeling kinky, talk nasty to her, but go easy at first. Say something like "Damn, u are looking so sexy! Ur body is amazing. U know what, I wanna see u do (FILL IN BLANK)" This is your first attempt, so don't make it 2 extreme. Maybe ask her 2 take off her top or pants slowly and seductly. Then complement what ever piece of skin she just reveled, remember u want her to be comfortable in her skin.

    Make it ur duty that she enjoys sex, Satisfy her wants, and she will do the same for u.

    Tell her your desires, and Let her know that u are enjoying what she is doing. Tell her just what u feel, don't hold back. One thing WILL lead 2 another and before u know it, she will make all your wild fantasies seem like a Rated G Movie! (Trust me I know)

    When it boils down 2 it, u just gotta make her comfortable. My BF assured me that with him I was good hands, and that allowed me to release the Sexually Super Charged woman that exists in all women. It's just takes the right techniques from the right man.

    Good Luck and Great Sex!!!

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    Wow, you're not catching a lot of love for this question, man.

    If you are serious I would just point out that there is a lot of distance from how you described her as being and a "pornoslut"... it may not even be possible, however, if it were to be possible it would take a lot of time and patience... you'd have to work her toward that and be a loving partner that she would be comfortable enough to totally come out of her shell... but, I'm thinking that you'd be happier finding a girl who was starting at a point that was a little closer to your end goal.

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    You should think about maybe you need to change your ways and are a little to slutty. It takes two so give a little and you might get a little. Plus you rather have goodie 2 shoes then a whore!

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  • 4 years ago

    i've got been a goodie 2 shoes maximum of my life and replaced into teased for it plenty. that is between the excuses I took up smoking cigarettes so youthful, now i'm a goodie 2 shoes who smokes plenty.

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    if u really loved ur girl, then u'd accept her--even if she had deficiencies in the bedrm. must be a reason why she's shy/self conscious. give her more praise as to how hot she is and maybe she'll loosen up. try talking dirty to her (not the raw, heavy stuff in the beginning because u might make her embarrassed). that said, she may never be one of those porn type girls who is really uninhibited. so...either take her or leave her.

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe she doesn't know what to do in the bedroom..That is possible you know..Treat her gently don't be turning her into a whore or slut..Thats disgusting !!! If you love her then tell her or whatever don't be such an asshole

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    start out by doing some role play, get her an outfit and run with it, don't pressure and make it fun. An easy one would be schoolgirl, get her the outfit, and tell her you want to be the teacher and you want her to either seduce you or vice versa.

    Like I said, make sure you make it fun, laugh alot the first time, teasing each other, it will slowly get her out of her shell and the next day she'll be asking you to play!

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    Geez...the poor thing - her not you. If you loved her then you wouldn't want her to change into something she's not. So, maybe talk to her about doing things differently maybe and see what she says, but do respect her and if you don't, well then she deserves better.

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    You don't, can't. You are obviously the provider type, not the kind that girls dream about for a quickie.

    Read a few romance novels - it's porn for women.

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