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Looking for best Dental place to get surgery done on my teeth?

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    Firstly you need to find a really good dentist who specialises in cosmetic orthodontics. ( HOLLYWOOD SMILE ) Have a consultation which should take about an hour to discuss what you want to achieve , Have impression taken of your teeth and xrays and they should do some before and after sets of moulds for you to see for your next appointment , some can even give you a computerised before /after of your teeth . Depending on where you live and what you have done will effect the cost .also

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    Get your full dental work and jaw surgery in India.Dental Surgery is very cheap in India.There is one company that is very famous in India that arranges cosmetic/dental surgery for foreigners in India.They are called the Forerunners Healthcare.I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories.I have also read that they arrange financing for international patients as all surgery is not covered by insurance or by the stinking NHS.

    They also have photos pasted of their International patients.You can checkout their website.The cost savings are incredible.As a doctor i personally believe that your surgery can be easily handled in India as the quality of healthcare available here is simply best in the world.The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star .

    My cousin got her full dental work and jaw surgery for the cross bite and the overbite problem done there and she is more than very happy with the results.sHe is all praise for this forerunners healthcare company.She paid just 30% of the cost what she was quoted in USA and it was like a wonderful vacation for her.hope this helps.I think she paid only 7000$ for the full dental surgery for which she was quoted 19000 $ in USA.

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    India is better and very economical place for your dental problem.They provide high quality dental solution at compartively very low price.u can visit to and You can combine it with your holidays in india .as treatment in india means#Treatment+Holidays+Savings.

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