What the word 'Aryans' has to do with nordic europeans?

it is very tragic that this word is get associated with racism because of nordic germens who i think are not aryans. aryan is not a racist word applied to the people of great civilization who were black haired, tall, and sometimes green or blue eyed. Today aryan nations live in iran, afghanisatn, india, pakistan,georgia,armenia, greece ,italy,etc.They originate from central asia not europe. Europeans (British) took this word and idea from india where this word is still used since 3000 years.Word ' Iran' also means land of aryans and iranis are also using this term for thousand years. There is region called aryana called so long before arrival of british to the region.British and other nordic europeans have used first this term only 200 years ago ,now they are saying that only blonds and blue-eyed people of europe are true aryans.this westren theory of aryans should be modified and there is no need for them to be hesitant and fearful of using this word because they r not ayrans at all

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    It hasn't been hijacked, and doesn't neccessarily have to have racist connotations in it's association with Northern Europeans. The association is based upon the fact that, yes, indeed, the blond haired, blue eyed gene, that is so prevalant in northern Europeans came from the area of central Asia which is known as the Ayrian steppes. This is the area predominantly around the ancient Oxus river, and archaeologists have proven that those people who were the forbears of modern northern Europeans migrated from the region into northern Europe gradually over the course of centuries from the end of the ice age well into the bronze age. Having vacated the region, the ancestors of the modern central Asians migrated in in their place. Interestingly enough, similar genes do sometimes occur in central Asia, their are tribes in northern Afghanistan for example where people have very pale skin, and reddish hair.

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    Truth: it has pretty much nothing to do with them.

    The people during Hitler's time wanted to attribute themselves to a "master race." Since they looked most similar to the ancient Aryans, they thought, "What the hell? Let's be the "descendants of the Aryans."- even though they're totally far from it.

    I consider myself as being an Aryan (because I'm Armenian), but many think that I'm revealing myself out as a horribly Jew-bashing racist. I love the Jews. They're very nice people. Hell, I might as well BE one. :-D

    I strongly, strongly agree with what you're saying, though.

    Hitler also took the swastika (an ancient Sanskrit* symbol of good luck) from India, too (where the Aryans originated from.)

    *Sanskrit is the predecessor to modern Indian languages (which subdivided to form Hindi, Punjabi, Assamese, etc.)

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    Yeah words in the language get hijacked like that. Words like ********* get the ax like that too.

    Same with the swashtika. Its a common decorative symbol in India.

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    Why are you asking this question then giving the answer striaght away. Thanks for the two points.

    Oh small point but the British are not the only country in Europe. There are a few more. Look at a map dumbass.

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    Thanks for the information! I have a german neighbor that will need to be told this. she hates " non aryans".

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