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How to ask her out as a friend?

When I first met her I talked to her a bit, but not too much. I got her screen name and talked to her quite a bit online. One night she signed off aim and I put up an away message talking about how I missed someone. Nothing specific. But immediately one of her friends that knows me imed me asking what it meant. She assumed correctly.

I had invited the girl and some of her friends (and some of my friends) to dinner and Pirates 2 premiere on me. A few hours before the festivities one of her friends IMed me and asked me if I liked the girl. I told her I did. Later that night at dinner, she asked me if I liked the girl AGAIN, in front of her.

That next Sunday at the girls church (I started going there because of her) she had to go up to the front to play a game (youth group fun?). I watched her a lot and we made eye contact around 10 times. Later that night I asked her friend if the girl had any feelings for me. She said "honestly, no, but ya'll hardly know each other". Help me!


How would I just ask her out as a friend? Just me and her. I think that if I did this then I could really talk to her more seriously.

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    Simple.... Hey *fill_in_the_blank_here*, do you want to grab some lunch?

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    tell her that even if you had a great friends circle you still were alone and wanted someone speacial and she was the right person.At least have the guts to tell her at least this before someone else makes entry.

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    Holy nugget in the ditch, that is a long long long question. I got lost, sorry.

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    become really good freinds with her first, it might take a while, then ask her out and say no matter what happens you still want to be freinds

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    you should have asked her not her friend , never ask via a third party Use your mouth and be brave dont die wondering

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    Sorry, your question was so long I couldn't pay attention.

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    Just do it, go up to her and ask her out somewhere, andsay just you and her.

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    give her a gift

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