Using a Wireless Internet Bridge and an added Antenna Is it possible to connect to Multiple Hotspots ?

I would like to connect to two hotspots at once using a bridge. One connection is nearby and the other is less than a mile away. One connection belongs to a friend of mine and the other is that of my parents,so I do have permission to use their connections.I would just like to know if I could connect to both and combine the two for a little faster connection.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can connect very easily to both hotspots using a wireless point to point or a wireless point to multi point solution. There are endless manufacturers of products like these. But the good ones are on the commercial scale, not the consumer based. I do this stuff every day and its not a solution that is inexpensive.

    If I were to do this for myself, I would start with a basic wireless survey. Questions, (not all) would be, do I have a clear line of sight? Did I do a spectrum analysis of other signals (noise) present? Mounting sites of the dishes, mounting solutions, such as non pen mounts, etc? If you were asking me, I would ask you for your budget. If it was under 5K, I would not hesitate on asking you to look elsewhere.

    There are different types of combiners and metering applications for bandwidth. I often use these for fail over applications and redundancy. An example would be I have 2 internet connections. One is a business class cable solution, and the other is a S DSL line through qwest.

    Any more questions, just shoot me an email.

    Good Luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    While you can connect to both, you would need some way of load balancing in order to use them at the same time. Redundancy would be a piece of cake but combining them for double bandwidth is not. Generally hardware is necessary to do load balancing, multiple NICs etc. If anyone know of a software solution I would also be interested.

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