Is a 3 month old Rottweiler old for training or young?

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    The Basics



    Holding a treat in your left hand just above the pup's nose, gently rest your right hand on pup's rump.

    Slowly move the treat in an upward motion while applying gentle pressure to the rump. ( you dont want to push hard because if you do the dog will sit every time someone touches him and this is not good for competitive obedience)

    as soon as pup sits say in a very happy excited tone "GOOD SIT" and give the treat.

    Repeat excersize 7x. then take a play break and move on to something elce.

    very young pups should not train for more than a half hour each day

    every time you put food bowl down or give a treat give the sit command, and wait for the sit. then once pup sits give treat or food down.

    DO NOT move on to something new until pup has the new command down pat.


    walk away from pup about 10 feet to start. say pup's name and "COME" in a happy voice. once pup comes praise it lavishly have a bit of a play and give it a treat.

    Gradually increase the distance you walk away. and eventually once pup knows command only treat every 3rd come. tappering off until he comes every time with out treat using only praise.

    this will take a few days to learn if you practice every day.


    Start with pup in sit. move hand with the treat between the pup's front paws on the ground.

    Say "DOWN" in firm but not loud voice.

    pup might try and get treat without going down, dont let him have it until he downs.

    praise in happy voice "GOOD DOWN"

    repeat 7x


    Start pup in down possition. say "STAY" in firm voice. walk to end of leash, backwards. if the pup moves say once only "AP" in a not pleased tone. go back do not say anything. put pup in down again repeat "STAY" walk backwards to end of leash.

    pup does NOT get praise or treat untill he stays for 30 seconds, then a minute, then 5 minutes. move times up each week.

    after he can do a 5 minute down/stay every time. move on to a sit/stay doing exactly what you did for down/stay.

    Once on leash sit and down/stays are reliable for 5 minutes each. drop the leash and walk away from your pup, your back to the pup. about 10 feet away. wait 5 min. recall your dog. with dog sitting in front of you once he reaches you. treat and praise.


    Please do NOT train with a choke collar. i recomend martin gayles.

    with dog on a short leash exactly beside you on your left side say "HEEL" if the dog starts to pull give a correction snap with leash on collar. and recomand "HEEL" the second your dog complies peaise with "GOOD HEEL" in happy voice. and continue to walk , correct, and praise for 30 minutes.

    Allways end training sessions on a positive note. Never get angery with your pup for not responding to a command. Praise lavishly every time pup responds to a command.

    NEVER hit your dog. NO reason is an acceptable reason for physicaly abusing your pup.

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    Your rottie is too young for serious training.However, do not ignore it.

    All kinds of casual training is taking place in his life every day.Teach him/her basic manners and obedience.lye down sit come stay(not very long at first.

    Do not over train your pup as he will begin to loose concentration fast at thet age.Be gentle and firm, but not insistant on long lessons or even formal ones at first.There is a lot one can teach a dog simply by the attitude one has towards it at this age.showing him how to behave around people is very important as is socializing your particular breed of dog.(teach him to be gentle with kids and not to get excited and lally gag all over the paople.)a pocket full of treats is a good old fashioned way of getting attention of your dog.But do not over do the reward system or the pitance you will offer aletr will not seem enough and your dog will feel justified in refusing whatever you wanted.

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    Perfect age to train. There is a lot of help out there. A dog will take the least path of resistance just like a man. Once the dog understands; most aim to please. Good luck.

  • Lilly
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    its never to late or to early to start training. the old saying is NOT true. you CAN teach an old dog new tricks....and young pups are just a smart.

    basic obedience and socialization is where you should starts out.

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    A puppy is never to young to start training. In fact good breeders start training their puppys from the start. Go for it.

    Source(s): Experience.
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    You can train a dog at any age, as long as it has a proper trainer.

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    no the sooner you get him or her too do somethimg the better. they need to know right from wrong.

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    just about right

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