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Why does my white boxer (dog) shedding his hair?

My dog is a 3 year old white boxer, he sheds his hair really bad. He is a house dog and I keep him clean. his skin looks ok even for it to be so pink.

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    I would guess that it is shedding it's winter coat. If you are really concerned, contact the vet. It could be a skin condition that you are unaware of. Also, the vet should have a spray or shampoo to help with the shedding (my doggie's vet does anyway). I wouldn't worry about it though, all dogs shed, except for my yorkie. But, I have 5 dogs and it is natural for them to shed in the summer.

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    dogs shed i had the same problem and asked my friend and she said that dogs have one time a year to shed and she also said that if he keeps shedding though out the year take the dog to doctor but it stop so i did not have to go to the doctor

    good luck

  • MSJP
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    1 decade ago

    Though it is normal for Dogs to shed hair, if it's really bad (more than usual), it could be a sign of malnutrition. Maybe the food you are feeding him, is not vitamin rich enough.

    Check with your Vet to be sure.

  • druid
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    Dogs shed in the summer because they don't need the extra insulation of their winter coat.

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  • Lilly
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    sweetie, most dogs shed in the summer. they are getting rid of the thicker coat that the build up for the colder winter months. you need to take him outside everyday...and brush him out really good.

    that's all you can do. i have 4 dogs!!! i sweep my floors and vacuum dog hair out of my rugs everyday, and brush them out. no big deal...they are worth the trouble.

    *doggie hugs!* boxers are the cutest!

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    Maybe because it is hot where u live n wants to cool off. Or the shampoo u use to wash ur dog's hair is too strong. Either one of these reasons could be causing ur dog's hair to fall off.

  • because all short haired dogs exept for the ones that are a terror eventually shed a lot!!

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    change of season, they shed winter and summer coats, i have a white staffy its a pain

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    My dogs do this too, its normal, but its a real hassle.

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    cuz it wants to.

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