What do you do for restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder. Also have Fibromyalgia.?

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 11 years ago. Prior to that I was diagnosed with Hashmotos hypothyroidism, an auto-immune disease attacking the thyroid. 3 years ago, when trying to DC a med for Fibromyalgia, I learned that I had developed Essential Tremors. Now I've moved on to Restless Leg and Periodic Limb movement disorder. I'm dealing with the central nervous system here, and wonder if I don't have Chronic Lyme, although all tests have been negative. I grew up in the woods of a lyme infested area of PA. I'm dealing with it all, but the lack of sleep associated with Fibromyalgia and the waking from periodic limb movement disorder and minor Sleep Apnea are reaking havoc with my life. Anybody out there dealing with the same mess??? I'm all ears.

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    Hi. I'm sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult road. I thought that your question was interesting because I have a good friend that has dealt with the Hashmotos hypothyroidism disease and related issues. She has been taking a product called Reliv and her thyroid is now functioning normally and she just does not deal with all the annoying little problems anymore. It truely is a miracle! I am sure she would be willing to share her story with you. Let me know if you are interesting in hearing more.

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    www.fmaware.org. Fibromyalgia rarely comes alone, and though the syndrome itself doesn't have specific treatment, a lot of those nasty additions do have some relief. The bad news-you'll probably have to deal with them one at a time. The website is all about fibromyalgia and related complications. They will inform you and help you find a knowledgeable doctor in your area. Best of luck!

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