do u catch yourself writing regular letters and using internet slang? what's behind that?

i'm an author, and my beta recently pointed out to me that i had written 'w/' instead of 'with' in my story. have u ever used internet slang in a non-internet writing setting, and why do u think it's becoming such a problem that english teachers r having to instruct their students not to use internet slang in their class papers?

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    really my teacher tells me not to all the time and there are others that are ok with it . "its very hard to kick the addiction worse than smoking"


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    I've not heard of teachers having to instruct their students not to use internet abbreviations but to answer your question, no, I don't find myself doing this. Then again, as you have probably noticed, I don't use this slang here either. From what i've seen it is a problem because most people type poorly, are in a hurry, are lazy and weak minded, and probably don't know how to spell or punctuate correctly. Sometimes they don't even know which word to use. Slang, colloquialisms, and idioms can all enhance communication and in and of themselves are not neccesarily bad things. There usage on the internet and in email however are beyond reason and more often than not make passages cryptic. People, learn to spell and think about what you're saying.

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    Because teens and others are using the Internet so extensively, they've lost the ability to type correctly. Everyone is so used to using shorthand that they become too used to it.

    I've never used shorthand accidentally in my papers, mostly because I don't use shorthand unless it's on IM. To me, shorthand denotes a level of intelligence not unlike a monkey. If you have time to type, type correctly. Wow, it is only less than half an inch for your pinky finger to reach the Shift key. Why can't you capitalize your friggin' sentences? Or use punctuation?

    If you're pressed for time, I can see why you'd do that. However, that's why I think typing classes should be mandatory in high school, because I had to in elementary school and I can type about 40 WPM using correct punctuation and capitalization.

    It's IM and MySpace (and other teen forums and such) and cell TXT'ing that causes this to happen. People are lazy, that's all there is to it.

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    Haha. i'm 1/2 American and 1/2 English.. In England (the position I at the moment stay) I talk British- accent, slang etc, and imagine in an American voice. Visa Versa in usa of america! I in certain situations talk in an Irish accent (!), yet that is my boyfriends impact. There are diffused alterations too- gasoline station, petrol station etc, or a lot less diffused ones- no-one in England ought to understand what 'kitty nook' meant ( in spite of the actual incontrovertible truth that I presume that that and 'catty nook' are kinda mid-western) What do you call gypsies in usa of america then? In England a Gypsy is someone of Romany good, and a tourist is both the same element, or connection with Irish travelers who stay the same existence sort. those days tourist is extra person-pleasant, as some travelers are mistakenly referred to as gypsy, and locate this offensive.

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    That probably means that there on the internet more than they need to be so there ust to using the slang words instead of the right words

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    its just were probally on the internet or say computer a lot mabby to much well use words like ight cool ty a whole bunch of others so thats what we will most likley tend to do when writting a letter

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    Pure and simple... Laziness!

    I endeavor to use English whenever or whatever I write (eg. Christmas NOT Xmas)!

    "This is a matter that REALLY 'gets My goat'!!!

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    yes even i hav such a prob, i mean wen i was in skol i used 2 write all my Notes and even exams, in ''shot forms'' and i my marks used 2 b cut!!

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    well my english teacher is really picky so i just watch what i write

    and hope she doesn't kill me with her dictionary

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    yea sometimes

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